Tennessee Dems: “Don’t Vote For Our Candidate for U.S. Senate”

Politics in the state of Tennessee not only just got a little crazy, but serves to define the extremely liberal agenda of the Democratic Party.

Mark Clayton, 35, was a political unknown until the recent Tennessee primary where he defeated six other Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate.  Clayton has a typical middle class labor job and very little money to his name.  He spent little on his campaign yet garnered 48,000 votes in the Democratic primary which was more than double his nearest challenger.

Almost immediately after the primary results became known, officials with the Tennessee Democratic Party say that they will take action to have Clayton’s victory nullified.

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Why, you ask?

Mark Clayton just happens to be a conservative who believes that marriage is one man and one woman AND he is very pro-life.  However, the nail in his Democratic coffin is the fact that Mark Clayton has been involved with the pro-life and pro-family organization known as Public Advocate of the United States.

Because of their pro-life and pro-family stance, liberal organizations such as the Huffington Post refer them as a hate group.  Notice that anyone or any organization that is anti-God, anti-Christian is just exercising their rights of free speech and religion, but anyone defending God, Jesus Christ and the Bible is labeled as a hate group.  Just ask Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A.

Public Advocate founder and leader Eugene Delgaudio commented:

“The election board decided We don’t have time to play these games of cancelling elections just because you don’t like somebody’s ideology, just because you don’t like someone’s affiliation with Public Advocate of the United States, which has been for 30 years the most forthright pro-life, pro-family group.”

“He’s speaking to the president through the media and saying Mr. President, I’m praying for you. I want you to come back from being pro-same-sex marriage. I’m praying for you that you come back and become pro-marriage again, or to at least allow some men and women like himself, the people of Tennessee, to have a voice at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.”

In lieu of his primary victory, Democratic Party officials are urging all Democrats to vote against Mark Clayton in the November election.  They would rather see Republican Senator Bob Corker win the U.S. Senate seat instead of Democrat Mark Clayton.

The actions of the Tennessee Democratic Party clearly define the extreme liberal nature of the party and their intolerance of anyone with sound conservative moral and biblical values.  In fact, they said that they plan to implement procedures in the future to prevent conservatives like Clayton from running on the Democratic ticket.  In other words, if anyone has any sense of moral value for life, marriage and the family unit, the Democratic Party doesn’t want you.

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