Tennessee Passes Abstinence Sex Education Law

In a move to protect their children from the liberal sex education of organizations like Planned Parenthood, Tennessee has passed a law which promotes abstinence.

Known as House Bill 3621 and Senate Bill 3310, the new bill was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam.  The new law will make it illegal to teach students about sex toys or various sexual activities as promoted in what is known as “gateway sexual activity” which teaches students that sexual experimentation is okay as long as they use preventative measures against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Under existing Tennessee law, public school districts that have higher rates of teen pregnancies over a given standard rate are mandated to teach some form of sex education.  In complying with the law, some public school districts brought in programs sponsored by Planned Parenthood and other groups that used sexually explicit and graphic materials that taught sex is okay if practiced safely.

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One such case was documented by the Family Action Council of Tennessee.  A speaker with Nashville CARES, an AIDS awareness program taught a sex education course at Hillsboro High School in Nashville.  The speaker actually taught the students how to perform sex by using anatomically correct models.  Other schools were documented to be using material supplied by Planned Parenthood that promotes sexual experimentation.  The Planned Parenthood sex education material also contained links to their national website.

The new law will prohibit any teaching that encourages sexual experimentation among non-married students.  It also prohibits the promotion of any sexually related pleasure devices.  But at the heart of the new law is the teaching that abstinence from sexual activity is the only real safe way to eliminate the risks of diseases and pregnancy.  Any teacher or educator found to teach in violation of the new law may be fined up to $500.

Planned Parenthood actively fought the law from being passed and stated that they are extremely disappointed that it was passed and signed into law.  One source says that Planned Parenthood was using the statistic of the state having the tenth highest rate of teen births in the nation as justification for the need of their sexually liberal education program.

Barry Chase, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis Region stated:

“Most parents in Tennessee want students to get comprehensive sexuality education that includes messages about prevention as well as abstinence. They expect that the schools will equip their young people with the information they need to protect themselves. This bill ties the hands of educators in Tennessee and will prevent them from providing the comprehensive education that students want and need and their parents expect.”

Valerie Huber, Executive Director of the National Abstinence Education Association praised the new law saying:

“We are very pleased with the passage of the Tennessee law, and we think that it could and should serve as a model for other states to follow.”

I applaud the new law and wish that every state in the nation would return to biblical principles, morals and values when it comes to teaching and raising our kids.  The Bible clearly teaches that sexual activity of any kind is reserved for marriage only.  It condemns all pre- or extra-marital sex as sinful activities and treats them no differently than it does stealing, lying and murdering.  Abstinence is the only policy taught in Scripture and we desperately need to get back biblical living as soon as possible.

And for those that say that abstinence just does not work in today’s society, let me set you straight.  My oldest daughter did not get married until she was 32 years old.  She dated and had opportunities to be sexually active, but knew the importance of God’s teachings in her life and opted to remain a virgin until she got married.  Yes, it ended a couple of relationships, but she said that if that was all they were interested in, then they weren’t the right person for her to begin with.  After getting married, her husband thanked my wife and I for raising such a godly and pure woman.

Abstinence works and is the only safe sex program there is.  It is also God’s way of preserving the sanctity and intimacy of the marriage relationship, which just happens to be the very first covenant He made with man.  Wow!  That right there should say just how special marriage is and why sex should be saved for that special covenantal relationship between a man and woman (and not between a man and a man or a woman and a woman).

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