Tennessee Students Forced to Write ‘Allah Is the Only God’

Parents in the Maury County School District in Tennessee are understandably upset after it was learned that students studying Islam in a world history class were required to write out the Five Pillars of Islam, including the Shahada.

The Shahada is the statement made by converts to Islam which says, “Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet.”

The children at Spring Hill Middle School spent three weeks studying Islam.

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And before you ask, of course they spent an equal amount of time on other religions including Christianity and Judaism. …

Just kidding.

They sorta skipped over that chapter apparently.

Brandee Porterfield, mother of a seventh-grader, complained to school officials. “It really did bother me that they skipped the whole chapter on the rise of Christianity and they spent three weeks just studying Islam,” she said.

“I spoke with the teacher and the principal,” she added. “They are not going to learn any other religion, doctrines or creeds and they are not going back over this chapter. Even though they discuss Christianity a little bit during the Middle Ages, they are not ever going to have this basis for Judaism or Christianity later.”

Allah is great

Porterfield said the class skipped over the chapter on Christianity because it’s not required by the state’s standards, known as TN Core and based loosely on the national Common Core.

Joy Ellis, another mother to a seventh grader, said, “This is a seventh grade state standard, and will be on the TCAP. I didn’t have a problem with the history of Islam being taught, but to go so far as to make my child write the Shahada, is unacceptable.”

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Jan Hanvey, Maury County Public Schools’ middle school supervisor, said that most of the Islam unit focused not on theology but on government, geography, culture and economics.

Of course, anyone who’s studied Islam knows that in Islamic countries, those things are inseparable from the Muslim theology.

Hanvey went on to say that Judaism and Christianity will be discussed at the end of the school term, in the unit about the Age of Discovery.

Skeptics will notice that the Age of Discovery is significantly after the foundings of Judaism and Christianity.

(Although, if the curriculum were honest, it could be pointed out that the Age of Discovery really began because Christianized Europe was trying to find a way around murderous Muslims who had taken over Byzantium.)

School officials are planning a meeting with parents later this month.

No doubt the Left will be OK with this example of a violation of the separation of church and state. It’s only Christians getting upset again. They should just be quiet and do as the state tells them.

After all, there is no god but the State. …

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