Terror Alert a Real Danger or Another Cover?

This is going to sound bad, but bear with me. I actually hope there is a group of terrorists planning something big against the U.S. this weekend.

Not because I want anyone hurt or hate my country or love terrorists, but for the simple reason that I’m sick of being lied to by this Administration.

At this writing, the entire world of U.S. affairs is on high terror alert because of alleged al-Qaeda threats to strike a major target. We’re told the terrorists are “in place,” and the information is the “most credible in years.”

BUT, nothing’s happened yet.

Let’s all pray that it stays that way, that no families are torn apart, no innocents killed, no buildings demolished.

Let’s hope it turns out to be nothing, or that our agents catch the bad guys in time if it is something.

But at this moment, there’s just this nagging feeling that we’re being played.

All that government spying that’s violating our rights, all that unconstitutional collection of data without a warrant — wouldn’t it just be convenient for supporters of the spy state if that controversial invasion of everybody’s privacy caught a really big fish right now, when so many people are reconsidering if Big Brother is worth the loss of privacy and liberty?

It puts me in mind of the old joke about the guy selling shark repellent hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean (and pre-Sharknado). “But there are no sharks around here,” the skeptic says, to which the salesman replies, “See how well it works?”

Only now we’re selling terrorist repellent.

If, despite warnings, terrorists manage to blow up something, then we obviously need more of what the government is peddling so next time we can prevent tragedy.

If terrorists don’t blow up something because they were caught, then the system works but we need more of it because this was a close call.

If nothing explodes and no terrorists are caught, well then the system is an excellent deterrent and we should invest in an expansion.

See how well it works?

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