Terrorism Is Frosted

Nothing fights terrorism like an Arctic Blast Sno-Cone machine. That’s why, according to information in the Greenville Daily News, thirteen counties in Michigan received snow cone machines as part of equipment to combat terrorism; on a grant by the Michigan Homeland Security Program. Only one county requested it but all 13 received a machine. “Arctic Blast’em terrorists, boys!”

Strangely enough, another county requested a popcorn machine but didn’t get it. Arctic blasting is more efficient against terrorists than popping them.

Asked about the use of snow cone machine in fighting terrorism, the Executive Director Sandeep Dey said that it can be used to “attract people” to learn about homeland security. I suppose, in the Michigan winter, people would be flocking to the ice cone machines at the Homeland Security offices, and be trapped there to learn more about how to fight terrorism. Also, he said, they are used in medical emergencies to make ice packs for medical purposes. It is not a ice cone machine, another official says, it is an “ice-shaving” machine. Then it makes sense. Uh huh.

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It is a well-established rule of thumb that every bureaucratic organization will expand its expenses until it fills all the available budget, and then will keep expanding and asking for more, way above and beyond its original purposes. Homeland Security is not an exception. It is lesson Eastern Europe learned the hard way, over a period of 45 years. It seems the United States is on its way to learn the same lesson in the same hard way. At the end, the society gets bankrupted by the bureaucratic organizations it has allowed in its midst. That’s how the Soviet Union collapsed.

Hopefully, America will wake up before it experiences the same, and will shut down Homeland Security and all such bureaucracies before it’s too late. The Founding Fathers didn’t fight terrorism with ice cones.

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