Terrorist Bomber to Hide Bombs in Fido and Fluffy

Ibrahim al-Asiri is considered by many to be a genius when it comes to designing ways to hide bombs or other explosive devices so as to escape detection.  Al-Asiri is a citizen of Saudi Arabia where he studied chemistry in school.  After the death of one of his brothers, he developed an intense hatred for the United States and turned his skills into making bombs for al-Qaeda.

It is believed that al-Asiri was the mastermind behind the underwear bombs and printer ink cartridge bombs.  His latest underwear bomb was so clever that some experts believe it would have been able to pass through airport security, but to no surprise, TSA executives claim their equipment would have surely detected the bomb.

Al-Asiri’s hatred for the US is so strong that he is believed to be developing bombs that can be hidden in cameras, external hard drives and even pets.  The external hard drives are designed to explode the moment they are connected to a computer.  The bombs hidden in pets are intended to get them passed through security and customs before either being detonated or removed from the pet and then detonated.  He even hid a bomb in his younger brother who was to be a suicide bomber.

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Seth Jones, former senior advisor to the US Special Operations Command described al-Asiri by saying,

“[He’s] very innovative in trying to find some way to get a bomb onto an airplane that will evade detection from airport screeners.”

“The bombmaker’s hatred of the U.S. adds to the threat. Ibrahim al-Asiri absolutely hates the United States.  [He]hates what the U.S. culture has brought to the world. [He]’s a violent supporter of the ideology of Osama bin Laden and has tried desperately, as hard as he can, to put a bomb together that will detonate and kill as many American as he can. He hates American ideology. He hates Western values.”

Jones also said that al-Asiri is not just involved in designing and building the bombs, but that he is working closely with the people who will use and detonate it.  Al-Asiri worked closely with Anwar al-Awlaki on how to most effectively use and detonate the underwear bomb worn by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab which was intended to take down Northwest Flight 253 in 2009.

There is no doubt that al-Asiri poses one of the most dangerous threats against America at this time.  He is being actively hunted by the US who hopes to be able to stop him before he can carry out any more of his attacks or teach his expertise to others.  If the drones can’t get him soon, I say it’s time to send in Navy Seal Team 6 to stop him as they stopped Osama bin Laden.

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