Terrorist Threat? What Terrorist Threat?

“Pay no attention to the terrorist behind the border fence.”

Our government’s lying to us again.

I know, it’s a revelation, isn’t it?

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This time it’s about the border, and I only bring it up because it’s particularly blatant. Usually that translates into an increase in the number liberal attempts at beating down conservatives.

We all know that the border is made of Swiss cheese, and our Border Patrol finds itself in the unenviable role of Sylvester the Cat trying to catch Speedy Gonzales as he makes a dozen or more runs across the border daily.

(Younger people may not have a clue who Speedy Gonzales is, or may consider him a racist caricature. To you folks I say, get acculturated already. Epa! Epa! Andale! Arriba! Yeehaw!)

Back to the border.

With the recent opening of the flood gates at our southern flank, it has been reported by numerous border agents that an unknown number of Islamic jihadis have probably slipped into the country undetected. This is based on the repeated discovery of abandoned copies of the Quran, prayer rugs and other artifacts associated with Islam.

U.S. intelligence agents even reported that ISIS operatives had taken up residence in Ciudad-Juarez, just across the border. An increase in electronic “chatter” — communications — between Islamist operatives and supporters led the Department of Homeland Security to issue an alert to law enforcement agencies and to military commanders of outposts near the border.

The alert was not publicly announced, but it was leaked to several media outlets.

Now some other faction in our government, led by the White House no doubt, is denying that there’s been any signs of ISIS coming across the border, that the news reports are all made up, and it’s all the fault of conservatives.

The Administration has been on a pro-Islam PR binge of late, with the whole ISIS crisis in Iraq. Obama has gone to great pains publicly to stress that ISIS is not Islamic, a talking point that is being spread around by the usual liberal sites, like Think Progress, Media Matters and the Huffing-and-Puffington Post (which has been working overtime trying to prove that ISIS was created by Dick Cheney and George Bush).

Nonie Darwish, author of “Cruel and Usual Punishment,” escapee from Islam and despised target of the Left, said during a speech Saturday in West Hills, California, that the effort to separate ISIS from Islam is just part of the Islamic method of operation.

According to Darwish, ISIS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram and most of the known Islamist groups are all connected through the Muslim Brotherhood, which has now been banned in Egypt. The way the Brotherhood network works is to have separate divisions that deal with fundraising, some with PR, some with banking, some with law, etc. But whenever the Brotherhood feels the need to commit violence or conduct a military campaign, it creates a new group, such as ISIS or Hamas. This then lets other Muslims claim that those groups are responsible for violence and terror, but Islam itself is a “religion of peace.”

“Islam cannot hold up a mirror to itself,” Darwish said. “It is too ashamed.”

But that’s the game our own government is playing along with, either through ignorance (unlikely) or because our president empathizes more with foreign Muslims than he does with Americans.

Thus, the official line is that ISIS is not Islamic, and there is no terrorism danger from the border.

Then late on the night of 9/11, somebody on the Mexican side of one of our incomplete border fences near Nogales, Arizona, hung a banner on our side of the fence blasting the United States and Israel, and expressing support for a Palestinian state. It also included some sort of anarchy symbol on one corner, according to the incident report, a copy of which was obtained by Breitbart.

The government tried to hide the incident, but the truth will out.

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