Terrorists Using Birds as Suicide Bombers

Are Muslims losing their desire to martyr themselves for their radical causes? Extremist terrorist members of the religion of peace have started using animals to carry out their suicide bombings.

This summer, Hamas terrorists strapped explosives on a donkey and then tried to head it in the direction of Israeli soldiers. Fortunately the Israeli soldiers spotted the suspiciously burdened Democrat, I mean donkey, and engaged it while it was still at a safe distance. The explosives blew up; killing the donkey but no soldiers sustained any injuries.

Now it seems that Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan are turning to using wild birds for possible video surveillance and suicide bombings. Local police in the northern Faryab Province spotted a large bird walking along a highway. It was larger than an eagle and none of the police officers recognized the type of bird.

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Then one officer spotted an antenna attached to the bird, so they opened fire on the bird which then exploded. Upon investigation, they found ‘suspicious metal stuff’, also known as shrapnel, scattered around the area of the explosion. Further investigation revealed that the bird had been equipped with a GPS and small camera.

First they started using bombs attached to people. Then cars and trucks, and after that they began burying them in and along roads where they could detonate them as US or Afghan troops passed by. On September 11, 2001, they used passenger planes. Since then they’ve tried to hide bombs in underwear, shoes and even computer equipment. Now they are turning to livestock and wild animals.

There is still the fear of using drones and perhaps because there is so much attention on the possible use of drones to carry explosive devices, some terrorists are turning to using animals. They hope that they will be less conspicuous, making it easier to reach the intended targets. It makes me wonder if donkeys or birds martyred for their cause also will receive 70 virgins in the next life?

With the technology and warped imaginations in the world today, there is no telling what terrorists will resort to next in carrying out their attacks against others. The only thing we can be sure of is that more imaginative attacks will be taking place in the future and that we all need to start being more vigilant of things around us, especially large white birds that don’t belong in your area.

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