Texas Abortion Funding Off – No It’s On – No It’s Off Again!

Last year, the Texas legislature took action to stop using taxpayer money to pay for abortions.  Endorsed by the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry, Thomas Suehs, Commissioner of Texas Health and Human Services signed Senate Bill 7 that put a halt to any abortion provider participation in the state’s Women Health Program effective May 1, 2012.

Ever since the new law was passed and signed, Planned Parenthood has not been happy as this will cost them millions of dollars if not overturned.  As expected, they filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the new law.

On Monday of this week, US District Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that there was sufficient evidence that the law banning Planned Parenthood from participating the Texas Women’s Health Program was unconstitutional.  In the ruling, Judge Yeakel ordered that funding to Planned Parenthood be resumed.  Hence, the ban was lifted and Texas taxpayer dollars once again were being used to fund the murder of innocent unborn babies.

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According to the latest information, the state of Texas appealed the court’s verdict to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals who immediately overruled the Monday decision and once again put a stop to any state funding of Planned Parenthood.  This latest ruling will stand until the final decision is rendered, which may eventually involve the US Supreme Court.

Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life, Joe Poyman, has been on an emotional rollercoaster with the decisions passed down this week.  After Monday’s ruling, that restored Planned Parenthood’s funding, Poyman said,

“We are very saddened that the federal court in Austin ruled today in favor of Planned Parenthood, the will of the Obama Administration and against the taxpayers of Texas. Planned Parenthood runs the largest chain of abortion facilities in our state, and they the mix Women’s Health Program and abortions under the same roof at many of those abortion facilities. For example that is the case in Bryan, Dallas, Houston, and Waco. Governor Perry and the Legislature have every right to prevent Planned Parenthood from promoting abortion as a method of family planning with tax dollars.

We believe that today’s setback will be temporary and that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will recognize the constitutionality of Texas law.

Of the some 2,500 Women’s Health Program providers, 98% have nothing to do with Planned Parenthood and abortion. Planned Parenthood, which has no mammogram machines, provides shabby care for low-income women. Planned Parenthood is unable or unwilling to offer comprehensive primary and preventative care, which low-income women deserve. A woman will not see a doctor at Planned Parenthood unless she is there for an abortion. The State ordered Planned Parenthood San Antonio to return thousands of WHP funds in 2009 because Planned Parenthood had been illegally operating unlicensed abortion facilities at the same sites where they providing WHP services.”

After the Fifth Circuit Court’s overruling, Poyman said,

“The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has just intervened and stayed that judge’s order and the policy now will go into effect — meaning that as of today, May 1, the Medicaid Women’s Health Program dollars will not go to Planned Parenthood.

But this recent development from the Fifth Circuit is very encouraging and, I think, gives the state more time to present our arguments, which I think are strong and persuasive.   Basically our dollars should not be mixed with Planned Parenthood’s advocacy and providing of abortions.”

Let’s hope and pray that the Texas law will withstand the judicial test and be declared constitutional.  Then we need to get every other state in the country to follow suit and eventually drive the government subsidized murder company out of business.

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