Texas Bill to Form Interstate Compact to Enforce Federal Immigration Laws Passes Senate

Ever since the duped and hoodwinked American people elected an illegal alien to live in the White House, Barack Obama has violated his oath of office, the US Constitution and federal immigration laws by his illegal executive actions. He took it upon himself to change the enforcement of laws that were passed by Congress, just like he did with the Defense of Marriage Act and the Affordable Care Act. According to the US Constitution, only Congress can make any changes to laws or acts that they passed, the president does not have that authority.

Regardless of Obama’s criminal and dictatorial behavior, 20 million illegals are being allowed to remain illegally in the US by the illegals acts of a man who has no legal right to hold the office of president. He has handcuffed the hands of the Border Patrol who end up having to release the vast majority of illegals they detain.

Several states have passed their own immigration enforcement laws. In most of those cases, Obama used his Justice Department to legally challenge the rights of states to protect their own borders and people from the flood of illegal drugs and aliens. The most notable example was Arizona’s SB 70, which Obama’s liberal judges struck down several key parts of law, making it harder for state law enforcement officers to identify and arrest illegals.

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The Texas legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, is trying a different route to help protect their borders from the influx of illegals. A bill was introduced into the Texas Senate to form an interstate compact with other states to enforce the federal immigration laws that the federal government refuses to enforce.

Upon analysis, the interstate compact would:

“Provide for actions among compacting states for the operational control of Texas’ border with Mexico and enforcing federal immigration laws, including detecting, apprehending, detaining, prosecuting, releasing and monitoring of persons unlawfully present in the United States.”

According to Texas Sen. Bob Hall (R- Edgewood), the bill would help make Texas and other states safer ‘by giving our government the tools to stop criminals from moving into and operating in Texas.’ Hall went on to explain that they are taking this step because the federal government has failed to secure our border.

The passage of the interstate compact in the Texas Senate was purely along party lines with a 20-11 vote. If the bill passed the Texas House before the end of the current legislative session, the next step is for Texas to recruit other states to join the interstate compact. When at least one or more states have agreed to be part of the compact, the measure must then go back to the Texas legislature so they can approve the terms of the compact. If the measure passes that stage, then it must go before Congress for their approval.

Democrats are all up in arms over the bill. State Sen. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) says the measure is a step in the wrong direction, saying:

“It is not the responsibility of this state to enforce federal laws. I have questions on whether this is even constitutional.”

That’s the same rhetoric liberal Democrats have been using every time a state takes steps to stop illegal immigration because the feds refuse to do so. Sen. Hall responded to Garcia’s comment:

“We hear of story after story of brutal crimes committed by illegal alien criminals. [Many of those criminals] are caught and released, and caught and released.”

The bottom line is that Democrats are counting on the illegal votes of millions of illegal aliens and will stop at nothing to secure those illegal votes, even willfully breaking federal laws to do so. They can’t afford to allow anyone to take measures to enforce the laws, which they care little about.

Illegals take our jobs, clog our schools, and commit thousands of crimes against American citizens. What I want to know is when will the majority of the American people stand up and demand that our government enforce our laws and protect ourselves from the devastation being caused by the millions of illegals.

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