Texas College Stabbings Prove Guns Aren’t the Problem

Many people have been saying that guns are not the cause of violence, people are.  If someone intends to do harm to others, they will always find a way to do it.  If they can’t get a gun, they’ll use knives, bombs, poison, baseball bats and a whole list of other items that could be used.

Timothy McVeigh had access to guns, but chose to use a massive truck bomb to commit the greatest act of domestic terrorism in our nation’s history.  A number of Muslim extremists also use bombs, including ones strapped to their bodies to kill others.  In World War I, poison gasses were used to kill thousands of soldiers.

In countries that have already banned most private ownership of guns, they still have mass killings and violent attacks.  Last December, 36 year old Min Yingjun carried out an act of violence on a Chinese primary school.  By the end of his rampage, he had stabbed 22 children and one adult.  In April of 2010, 47 year old Xu Yuyuan attacked a Chinese kindergarten, stabbing 28 kids.  The day before this attack, 33 year old Chen Kangbing stabbed 15 fourth and fifth graders at another Chinese school.  In March of 2010, 42 year old Zheng Minsheng stabbed and killed 8 primary school kids at yet another Chinese school.

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In the wake of all of the mass shootings in our country over the past few years, it seems that someone followed the lessons learned from China and went on a stabbing spree on Tuesday.  Dylan Quick, 20 years of age, entered the CyFair campus of Lone Star College and began wielding a utility razor knife.  When he was finally subdued, 14 people were injured.  After his capture, Quick told authorities that he has fantasizing about stabbing people from the time he was 8 years old and that he had been planning and looking forward to Tuesday’s stabbings for quite some time.

Now I’m waiting for President Obama to quickly introduce knife control legislation, calling for a ban on all utility razor knives, including those equipped with more than two extra blades.  Every store stocking clerk and warehouse worker has to be worried about Obama’s anti-knife legislation as it will make their jobs a lot more difficult, but hey, knifes kill, right?

This just goes to prove that all of the anti-gun legislation is not about guns and it won’t stop the violence.  It’s an agenda that spells disaster for our freedoms and our nation’s future and must be stopped at all costs!

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