Texas School District Arms Faculty With Concealed Handguns

There’s at least one school district that’s prepared to defend students in case of a school shooting. Not surprisingly, it’s in Texas. The small school district of Harrold in northwest Texas has only 110 students and 15 teachers, but the district’s superintendent David Thweatt believes that it is prepared to protect should a murderer try to make his mark there.

In addition to specialized security locks and a video surveillance system, an undisclosed number of faculty carry concealed handguns. The plan was first implemented 4 years ago when it became the first school district not only in Texas but in the U.S. to have such a plan. The school board was not unanimously in favor of the “guardian plan” as it’s called:

 “’My board at first didn’t want to be the poster child for this,’ [Thweatt] said. But [he] said he wanted to minimize casualties that could quickly increase while waiting for deputies. He didn’t want a plan where you ‘lock yourself in your closet and hope that an intruder won’t hurt you. So what we came up with was a policy that would protect.’ Still, the strategy draws criticism from people who ‘don’t believe guns, kids and schools mix,’ Thweatt said.”

 I’m sure we’d all like to live in a society where no one ever needed to use a gun—one where our “swords” were so unnecessary that we converted them into plowshares and our “spears” into pruning hooks.

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But we’re far from that society. We have too many criminals because our justice system lacks enough justice to execute convicted murderers. They penalize the victims and “rehabilitate” the criminal. So we can’t depend on them for protection or justice. They’d rather see the crime through and deal with the aftermath than have law-abiding citizens prevent such an occurrence from happening in the first place.

The superintendent acknowledges that arming certain members of the staff with handguns won’t be 100% effective against criminal shooters. Nothing is. Simply having a handgun won’t completely ensure that your life will be spared. But not having a weapon in such a situation will be nearly 100% ineffective against a shooter with no regard for human life.

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