Texas Schools Ban Planned Parenthood from Classrooms

Planned Parenthood has been brainwashing America’s youngsters for many years. In many schools they distribute free condoms and tell your kids that sex is okay as long as they use protection. In other schools, they provide a very liberal sex education curriculum that teaches everything from promiscuous sex to advocating experimenting with homosexuality, anal sex and other sexual perversions. They have also provided information on how your daughters can obtain an abortion by circumventing the need for your legal permission. In fact, all of what they teach your kids is done in a way to undermine your parental authority and to keep you unaware of their sexual activities.

Many parents and organizations have fought to stop Planned Parenthood’s liberal anti-Christian brainwashing of their kids and most efforts have failed. Liberals in Congress and the White House will go to extraordinary measures to protect the baby-killing company that receives over $500 million a year of our taxpayer money.

However, Texans have mounted attacks on Planned Parenthood that have withstood the rigorous defenses of the liberals. Not long ago, the Texas legislature voted to cut all public funding of Planned Parenthood in the Lone Star state. Liberals challenged the funding ban in court but surprisingly the courts upheld Texas’ right to do so and declared the law constitutional.

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Texans are a stubborn bunch and slashing the funding from Planned Parenthood wasn’t the end, but the beginning. Tasting victory once, the Texas legislature once again passed laws to protect their children from the liberal teachings mentioned above. They acted like momma bears protecting their cubs when they took on Planned Parenthood and passed laws that banned any of their liberal and perverse teachings from schools throughout the state. In fact the laws ban any abortion provider from providing curriculum or teaching materials to Texas students.

Melissa Conway, Director of External Relations for Texas Right to Life, commented about the new state laws banning Planned Parenthood from the classrooms:

“Those laws will go into effect in September. They were accepted into law and signed into law by the governor. So moving forward that just reflects one more powerful step that the state is taking against this type of information being provided to our students.”

“They want abstinence-based programming. They want sex education being provided to our students by non-abortion providers who are willing to teach our students at a level that protects the mental, emotional, and physical health of our children.”

Hooray for Texas! I stand and applaud the Texas legislature for taking these steps to protect their children and I applaud Gov. Greg Abbott for signing the bills into law.

If you don’t live in Texas and value your children’s education but are forced to place them in public school, you need to find out if they are being brainwashed by Planned Parenthoods anti-Christian and anti-parent garbage. I also urge all of you to contact your state politicians and urge them to follow Texas’ example and pass laws in your state to protect your kids.

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