Texas Senator Says Obama Has No Respect for First, Second, Fourth or Fifth Amendments

To be honest, I’ve lost track of exactly how many current scandals are rocking the Obama administration.  We have Fast and Furious still on going, DOJ seizure of reporters’ personal records, IRS has at least two, possibly three inter-related scandals going on, Benghazi lies and cover-ups and no one seems to be talking about the EPS targeting of conservatives.  I’m sure there are other scandals ongoing, but just not getting the attention of the press as much as these others.

Through it all, one thing is perfectly clear.  The Obama administration has no respect or regard for the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth or Tenth Amendments; let along absolutely no regard for the US Constitution or Declaration of Independence.  Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz believes the same way and said so to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Thursday afternoon.

Part of Kelly’s interview with Cruz went as follows:

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Kelly:  How unusual is it in your experience for the DOJ to be going after reporters, their records and so on.  Is this to you something that would likely standout in Eric Holder’s mind?

Cruz:  It’s unprecedented, and the degree of willingness of this administration to target, to target a reporter from this network as an unindicted co-conspirator?  I mean that is without precedent and unfortunately, I think it’s part and parcel of a pattern from this administration of not respecting the Bill of Rights, not respecting the First Amendment, not respecting the Second Amendment, not respecting our Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights regarding drone strikes, regarding the IRS.  Over and over again, the pattern we’ve seen is an unfortunate willingness to use the machinery of the federal government as a tool, and as a partisan tool, to punish those perceived as your political enemies and I think that’s really troubling, particularly when combined with the willingness to dissemble and to mislead the American people.

Kelly: Do you think this comes from the top?

Cruz; Well, it certainly, we have seen the lack of candor from the Attorney General and there’s been a pattern at the Department of Justice of disregarding the law and let me say as someone who served in the Department of Justice and respects, you know, the Department of Justice is an institution that reveres the law and has a solemn obligation to follow the law and when you have the US Department of Justice disregarding the law, ah, multiple times, that raises serious concerns.

Kelly: Do you think President Obama should ask for Eric Holder’s resignation?

Cruz: Yes.  Absolutely! And I think the reason is this Department of Justice has created a willingness to disregard the law…

I would go a step further than what Sen Cruz said and I believe the American people should demand President Obama’s resignation along with most of this Cabinet.  It’s obvious that few if any of this administration have any respect for the law as they go about and do whatever they want without any consequence.  The people of America need to start making their voices heard and demand that they all face the consequences of their actions and that starts at the top with Obama.  Harry Truman was famous for saying the ‘the buck stops here’ and as far as I’m concerned, it still does.

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