Thanks to Democrats Masses of Illegals Are Voting in US and State Elections

Democrats have been fighting against methods to stop voter fraud such as voter IDs.  Some states have passed laws requiring all legally registered voters to have a photo ID card in order to vote, but Democrats challenge the laws and get liberal judges to overturn them.   Even the US Attorney General Eric Holder claims that voter photo ID’s discriminate against black people.

Have you ever wondered why?

We already showed you how hundreds of dead people were voting in the New Hampshire primary earlier this year and now there is evidence that hundreds and perhaps thousands of non-citizens including illegal aliens have also been voting.

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In a news report picked up by One News Now, investigative reporter Andy Pierroti of NBC-2 in Fort Myers, Florida took on the task of seeing if people in the Fort Myers area had been voting illegally because of not being US citizens.  Watch his news report below:

If you noticed in the video, Florida law allows people to register to vote when applying for a driver’s license without having to prove citizenship.  Anyone can get a driver’s license as long as they can pass the test.  Foreign students studying in the US can get a driver’s license, which also gives them the right to purchase guns in most states.

William Gheen president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC claims that masses of illegal aliens are voting in several states.  In his statement he said,

“In the states of Texas, California, and Florida, this gives them the ability to control national electoral politics.  The Democrats are registering and voting illegal immigrants en masse — especially west of the Mississippi, where we believe they saved [Nevada Senator] Harry Reid’s campaign… If you’re a conservative voter and you ever want to win elections again, you have to stop this.  … No conservative is going to get elected to anything in this country in another five to ten years if we don’t stop the massive theft of U.S. elections happening right now in America with illegal alien voters.”

I believe this is the very reason why Democrats, all the way up to the Attorney General and White House, are opposed to voter photo ID and other measures to fight voter fraud.  They know that they may not be able to win the election outright, so having huge numbers of non-citizens, and especially illegals, voting as Democrats, may be their only hope of winning.  As I’ve said before, this is typical Chicago politics and Obama is from Chicago politically.

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