Thanks To Obamacare Federal Taxfeeders Discover What Life Is Like For Us

File this one under Pelosi’s Payback. She said we had to pass the bill to get to see what was in it. So they did. And now they are discovering what is in it and they don’t like it. The New York Times reports:

“Under a wrinkle that dates back to enactment of the law, members of Congress and thousands of their aides are required to get their coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges. But the law does not provide any obvious way for the federal government to continue paying its share of the premiums for the comprehensive coverage. If the government cannot do so, it could mean an additional expense of $5,000 a year for individuals and $11,000 for families under some of the most popular plans. Not surprisingly, that idea is unpopular on Capitol Hill. ‘It’s a very serious concern,’ said Representative Billy Long, a Missouri Republican who said staff members were ‘freaked out’ at the prospect of paying the full cost of insurance out of their own pockets.”

Well, boo hoo for them! Are we supposed to feel sorry for the political climbers who expected to make fame and fortune in government, but who instead go driven out of employment due to their bosses’ incompetence?

Welcome to the club!

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Of course, next we hear about how impoverished these poor government workers are, how their standard of living is so low because they are all just working sacrificially for our sakes.

“‘They’re thinking about leaving government service,’ said Mr. Long, noting that some staff members already lived in group houses and cramped apartments to make ends meet on Capitol Hill salaries. ‘They’re thinking about taking jobs other places. We have tried, and tried, and tried to get the answer on what they’re going to be paying. The Office of Personnel Management cannot tell us.’”

Seriously, if Obamacare could actually get every congressional staff member to go start contributing to the economy in the private sector, that would be a dream come true. If only!

The story shows how completely self-centered and yet utterly clueless Congress is. Here is a major financial problem that they inflicted on their own staff by the way they wrote the law. Yet the only response is to treat this like some kind of fluke and start wringing their hands over how to fix it. Has even one House member asked himself or herself “If I missed this and messed up the job for my own staff, what other damage might I have done in voting for this huge un-read bill?”

No, of course not. Every single legislative failure, as they are reported daily, is always an isolated anomaly. It just needs to be fixed and then we move on. Business as usual has been restored.

Meanwhile, these same congressmen don’t care that they have turned many jobs into part time jobs because, under the Affordable Care Act, the thirtieth hour an employee works now will cost employers $96. Congressmen refuse to address any of this. They only care about their staff.

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