#ThanksMichelleObama ‘for Screwing Us Out of a Good Meal’

Hillary Clinton may be the first wife of a former president to be elected president. Regardless of the scandals that have rocked her political career and her recent statement that all religious beliefs need to be changed to conform to liberal and socialist agendas, she is still the front runner in many early polls.

What about Michelle Obama? What if she decided to run for president? It seems obvious at the moment that Michelle has made no hint of running for the office, but what about down the road a few years? Hillary waited 14 years from the time Bill vacated the White House. Waiting a few more years to run for the White House, would mean that many of today’s youth would be older and of voting age and that may pose a serious problem with any idea Michelle has of running for office.

The First Lady has made herself an enemy of an entire generation and perhaps more. I’m not talking about the way she treats everyone like they are dirt beneath her feet or by her taking numerous extravagant vacations on the taxpayers’ dime.

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I’m speaking of her trying to force public schools across the nation to serve healthier lunches. To begin with, many school officials have struggled to find the additional money to pay for the more expensive healthier foods being pushed by a woman who eats food prepared by top chefs without concern of cost. We constantly hear how so many schools having to cancel extracurricular programs like band, art, music and even sports as well as having to layoff teachers because of a lack of funding and the added costs of Michelle’s healthier lunches puts them in further financial difficulty.

However, the real rebellion against Michelle and her healthy lunches has been coming from students. We’ve already posted accounts of students dumping uneaten lunches in the garbage and opting to go hungry rather than eat a Michelle lunch.

Parents and students are speaking out against the lunches. The Patriot-News in Pennsylvania asked readers what they thought about the lunches being served at their local schools:

“Parents: What do you think of the school lunch program at your child’s school? Are you satisfied with the offerings? Do you wish they had different, more diverse menus? Do you think your child is getting enough to eat? Are they routinely turning up their noses at what’s being served to them?

Students: How would you judge the quality of the food being served? Are you getting enough to eat at lunchtime? How would you improve things?”

Here are some of the responses they received:

“Stacey L Toth (via Facebook): My kids rarely want to eat anything the school serves because ‘it’s gross.’

Carl Daub (via email): My daughter is in 3rd grade. Her lunches cost $2.40 a day. She complains that the portions are too small…

bp1987: Don’t forget snacks being offered at schools for a costly price.  Are kids eating a full lunch then buying a snack or eating the snack instead of the lunch??

Deborah Emery Knopic (via Facebook): I feel school lunch has to go back to fresh prepared food and get rid of processed lunches

joetaxpayer9: Government, influenced my lobbyists, are making ‘healthy’ choices for your children that are anything but healthy.

Sad day when I had lunch with my daughter who (she normally packs) went through the lunch line and the lady put a milk on her plate.  I asked her why she took it when I know she isn’t going to drink it.

She said, ‘They make us and I just throw it away.’  I took it back up to the lunch lady who said that it’s State policy that all kids get a milk and if they don’t drink it they must throw it away.

Terri Holleran (via Facebook): This is my pet peeve: The school can weigh the kids and serve them nutritional lunches BUT if the kids are getting sugary cereals, poptarts and donuts for breakfast – Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, coleslaw and chocolate cake for supper – a bag of chips, dip and some cookies for a snack. Plus sitting in front of a computer or video game all evening. Then the lunch becomes a moot point. GOOD NUTRITION HAS TO START AT HOME!!! Otherwise it is like beating a dead horse.

Amanda Seiders (via Facebook): School lunch choices=awful! On 4/23 my daughter can get something called “American Meat & Cheese Sub”. Hmmm … sounds appetizing doesn’t it?”

My favorite response the Patriot-News received was this one:

“Kristina Souders (via Facebook): My son said thanks Mrs. Obama for screwing us out of a good meal. He comes home starving.”

One student named Jordan from Spotsylvania County, Virginia posted the photo below of a lunch that was served at high schools in that area:

school lunch jordan

That looks as appetizing as a bowl of dog puke, if you ask me and evidently students feel the same way. Would you want your kid eating this slop?

Now realize that these are the next generation of voters and I hope and pray that if Michelle Obama ever gets the ambition to run for office like Hillary that millions of young voters remember looking down at a school lunch that looks like this when they go to the polls.

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