The Battle for Endorsements Escalates

With the Republican race for presidential nomination going full steam, the candidates are vying to receive the endorsements of different groups and public figures.

Last week, a group of 150 Evangelical leaders gathered in a ranch in Texas to decide who they are going to endorse. After three ballots, they finally endorsed Santorum.

The decision is surprising given the fact that Santorum is a Roman Catholic. His record has been marred by numerous betrayals of the conservative principles: Santorum supported the ultra-liberal, pro-abort, anti-gun Specter over a true conservative, and he also voted for several increases in Federal spending, all of which included Federal money for Planned Parenthood. While in Senate, he never sponsored nor initiated a single pro-life bill, nor ever campaigned against Federal spending for Planned Parenthood. After losing the elections for the US Senate in 2006 with the largest loss an incumbent has ever had, Santorum continued his political career as a Washington DC lobbyist. His views on foreign policy have been recently described Senator Rand Paul as dangerous, trigger-happy, and reckless.

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Rick Santorum’s loyalty to the Republican establishment is probably the main reason for the endorsement. Among the 150 leaders was Richard Land, a long-time member of the elitist-socialist Council on Foreign Relations whose goal has been the destruction of local self-government and the institution of one-world government through the UN. Another prominent name was Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Perkins has a record of attempts to manipulate opinions in favor of the Washington DC establishment; earlier this year he discounted the poll of his own event, the Value Voters Summit, because he didn’t like the results. Ron Paul won the poll with the highest result ever. Perkins declared that, no matter what the participants in his own event voted, Ron Paul was not a true conservative and therefore the poll did not count. Four years earlier, when the pro-abortion Mitt Romney won the same poll, Perkins had no objections to it.

Meanwhile, while the evangelical “leaders” were deciding between supporting one or another Roman Catholic, Tom Davis, South Carolina State Senator elected by the Tea Party, remained loyal to the principles of the Tea Party and gave his endorsement to Ron Paul. This endorsement was expected given the fact that the original Tea Party rallies in 2007 emerged out of those early Ron Paul rallies; the issues were the same as the issues of Ron Paul’s campaign: The Federal Reserve, uncontrolled government spending, taxation, constitutional liberties, and undeclared foreign wars. Senator Davis, known in South Carolina for his independent mind and principled policies, remained consistent in his views and endorsed the only candidate who is serious in dealing with the bloated government bureaucracy in Washington DC.

A couple of days before him, Dr. James Linzey, President of the Military Bible Association, gave his endorsement to Ron Paul. Unlike the other Evangelical leaders, Dr. Linzey only examined the record of the two truly Evangelical candidates, Rick Perry and Ron Paul. In endorsing Ron Paul, Dr. Linzey also said in regard to the other Evangelical leaders:

“Ron Paul seems to be the candidate most loyal to the Constitution according to the records. So when other evangelical leaders endorse GOP contenders of other faiths and traditions, some of whom have received funds from special interest groups, and are not as loyal to the Constitution as is Dr. Paul, one must necessarily ask, ‘What is their agenda?’ because they certainly are not endorsing the most qualified nor the most evangelical. If evangelicals wish to make faith an issue, then they should take a closer look at Dr. Paul’s statement on his web site, ‘Let me be very clear here: I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and I endeavor every day to follow Him in all I do and in every position I advocate.’”

It is obvious that this campaign will test the leadership skills and the faithfulness of many leaders in the Evangelical community in the US. Politically motivated endorsement like that of Santorum may prove to be the end of the road for some Evangelical leaders who refused to vote led by moral principles but only by political expediency. Politically, Christians in the United States are in the position to decide whether the US will continue sinking into more socialism, centralized Federal control, and endless foreign wars, or will return to the principles of the Founding Fathers of liberty, justice, and peaceful commerce with all nation. We better use that position according to the principles of the Bible.

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