The Blasphemous Deification of Barack Obama

Ever since Barack Obama first announced his intentions of running for president in 2007, people have flocked to him as if he were some kind of Messiah.  Once he was elected and sworn into office, many began to deify him and place him on the same plane as Jesus Christ.

Just prior to the 2008 presidential election, Maggie Mertens, an associate editor for the Smith College (Massachusetts) campus newspaper, wrote a commentary headlined as:

“I Will Follow Him: Obama As My Personal Jesus.”

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Her commentary went on to say:

“Obama is my homeboy. And I’m not saying that because he’s black – I’m saying that in reference to those Urban Outfitters T-shirts from a couple years ago that said, ‘Jesus is my homeboy.’ Yes, I just said it. Obama is my Jesus.”

Not long after taking office, images of Obama appeared all over the internet showing his lifted chin and arrogant look on his face a halo over his head.

As Obama approached his first 100 days in office, artist Michael D’Antuono prepared to unveil his painting, The Truth, of Obama in front of the presidential seal, arms outstretched and wearing a crown of thorns.  There was no doubt that the image was meant to portray Obama as the Savior.  The pre-publicity of the unveiling created a great deal of public outrage which was so overwhelming that the scheduled event was cancelled.

In December of 2009, just after Christmas, an editorial appeared in Politiken, a prominent Danish newspaper, not only compared Obama to Jesus Christ but went one step beyond in raising him above Jesus, saying:

“And no we are not thinking of Jesus Christ, whose birthday has just been celebrated – – but rather the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama….

Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus – if we have to play that absurd Christmas game.”

With the Democratic National Convention taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, Obama memorabilia abounds on the streets and in the shops.  One of those pieces of memorabilia is an Obama calendar.  The calendar features various photos of Obama and an assortment of assumed facts.  However, when you turn the calendar to August, the month in which Obama was born, you find a photo of his supposed short form birth certificate, a small photo of Obama in the corner and the following caption:

Heaven Sent,

For God so lover the world,

That he gave his only begotten

Son, that whosoever believeth

In him should not perish, but

Have everlasting life. – John 3:16”

The small photo of Obama included next to the Scripture verse shows him in a darkened room with a light shining on him as if to signify his deity.  The same type of light and shadow is used on the birth certificate to highlight “State of Hawaii” and “Barack Hussein Obama.”

Not long ago in America, no one would ever consider committing such blatant acts of blasphemy.  In the early days of America, one would be arrested and jailed for such actions.  2000 years ago, Jesus was hung on a cross to die for claiming to be deity and the Son of God.

But America has declined so far that many of these acts are not only made public, but hailed and promoted by many.  They care not for the seriousness or consequences of their actions.  They don’t see it as blasphemy to the Creator of heaven and earth, but as a tribute to their earthly Messiah, the one who promised to save them from the despair they were in.

I’ve got one big news flash for them.  Jesus Kept All Of His Promises!!!

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