The Clintons Keep Flubbing Scandal Questions – Can Hillary Really be the Candidate?

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe the collected political punditry was just in awe at the level of incompetence seeping out of the Clinton campaign. On both of the most recent (and major) Clinton scandals (The Email Scandal and the Clinton Foundation Scandal), the Clintons just don’t seem up to the task of responding to even the most basic of questions. At this point, things are starting to get ridiculous enough that even the most seasoned media veteran can’t contain their amazement that the Clintons could screw up so badly.

Listen as both Chuck Todd and David Ignatius speak in wonderment about just how terrible the Clinton campaign has been so far.

Chuck Todd on the Clinton Foundation’s Problems:

NBC’s Chuck Todd: This is a case where you get the sense nobody prepped him [Bill Clinton]. You don’t need to prep a former president — can’t you picture that? The people around him saying he doesn’t need prepping, he knows how to answer all these questions, he’s Bill Clinton, he’s the greatest politician running. That struck me as somebody who was just not prepare to answer basic questions. 

The most amazing thing here: The first Clinton to do an extended interview after Hillary Clinton announced was Bill. That’s — [speechless].

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David Ignatius on the ongoing Clinton Email Scandal:

David Ignatius: That’s a painful way to start a presidential campaign, to be dealing with issues like that. I don’t see any way she can escape it.

The more of those emails are disclosed, the more issues are raised. I have friends who worked in the State Dept. who are now describing getting emails from that private server from other people in her inner circle who were also using it, that is the next chapter in all this… we’ll give you those names as soon as we have them.

After the Obama years, do we really want to elect another incompetent team to the White House? I mean, really?

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