The Coming Ice Age?

Two charts drawn from Vostok Ice Core studies of the 1957 International Geophysical Year include inconvenient truths.  The temperatures shown are derived by the relative quantities of two isotopes of oxygen O16 and O18 as they diffuse differently at temperature dependent rates.  Carbon dioxide is measured directly from bubbles of air captured and times then estimated by carbon isotopic dating.

In these charts time runs from right to left from 440,000 BC to 1957 AD.  There are five peaks including the current period which has continued for 10,000 years.  This is exceptional as all peaks in the past were sharp and the temperature rose and fell as quickly to form a sharp peak.

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We now wonder why has the temperature not fallen sharply in our time as it did four of the five times it has risen sharply in the last 450,000 years?  And, changes in CO2 concentration follow temperature changes showing it does not drive temperature changes so why are scientists claiming CO2 is drives temperature?  This data shows clearly temperature change, driven by sunlight is cause and CO2 increase is effect.  It is not the other way around as claimed by the “global warmers.”

We can easily demonstrate CO2 increase does not increase temperature with an empty 2.5 liter soda bottle, 375 ml of water, 1/4 tsp of Baking Soda and a few drops of Vinegar.  It causes atmospheric cooling!  For the chemistry, physics and stoichiometry, which is the quantitative relationships,  See “CO2 Is Innocent” at and do the demo-experiment to see the real effect of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere.

In the bottle as we generate increasing amounts of CO2 the temperature falls in spite of leaving it in direct sunlight.  If Al Gore, Dr. Jim Hansen, Bill Nye and Dr. Joe Romm were correct the temperature would rise, but if falls!  Why are these men lying when two of them have Ph.D.s, one is an engineer and one invented the Internet?

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