The Complaint of the Two Outweigh the Will of the Many

If you believe that the majority rules in America, think again.  What rules in America these days are the complaints of a few, or two or just one.

Case in point is the 1963 Supreme Court Ruling of Murray v. Curlett.  One lone atheist complained about public school students reading the Bible is class.  After the US Supreme Court erroneously ruled on the non-existent idea of separation of church and state, now no students are allowed to read their Bibles in public schools.  In 1963, the vast majority of Americans were Christian and many were outraged that one cranky atheist could prevent millions from exercising their first amendment rights to freedom of religion.

Since that time, we have seen atheists and gays use the same complaint process to remove any and all vestiges of Christianity and biblical morals from our schools, government and society.  The sanctity of marriage is no longer protected and in some places, the advocating of a biblical marriage could be considered hate language and get one arrested.

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In the latest case of the complaint of the two outweigh the will of many involves the decal on the helmets of a high school football team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In a unique relationship, students from two high schools make up one football team.  One of the schools is Shorewood High School, a public school.  The other school is Messmer High School, operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Shorewood’s mascot is the greyhound.  Messmer’s mascot is the bishop, symbolized by a bishop’s hat with a cross.  The logo on the football helmets displayed the Messmer logo underneath the Shorewood logo.  Up until recently, no one had a problem with the logo, nor did they see the logo as endorsing a religion.  That is until two boys and their mother complained about it.

Just as all of the other complaints by a minute minority, the emblem was removed and replaced with a generic football and the words ‘2012 Playoffs.’  Not only did the boys’ complaint result in the removal of the logo, but they were rewarded with $1,000 for their part in the whole affair.

Brother Bob Smith, president of Messmer Catholic Schools, said that he was quite disappointed that there was no longer any resemblance to the school’s faith in the new logo, but accepted the decision.  It sounded like he was unwilling to fight the atheist bullying, so he rolled over and allowed them to win another battle.

When will Americans start standing up for their rights that are being continually stripped away by a few cry babies?  If they don’t like something, so what?  It doesn’t give them the right to deny others of their rights.  Tell me where in our Constitution or Bill of Rights  it says that the complaints of the few outweigh the will of the many.  Yet, that seems to be the rule of law in our courts for the past 50 years.

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