The Debate Over the PATRIOT Act Boils Over into June!

June begins with a bang as we witness the death of the sun setting provisions in the PATRIOT Act that have allowed the NSA to surreptitiously hoover up all of our digital information for the last decade +. However, June also opens up with the probable passage of the USA Freedom Act, which some say will allow the government to continue spying on innocent Americans without requiring government agents first acquire a warrant. Sunday saw continued debate over these measures and the vociferous dissent against the PATRIOT Act of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), even as his fellow Republican Senator, John McCain (R-AZ) sought to silence him.

Listen as Rand Paul passionately pleas with the Senate to remember their commitment to the Constitution!


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This is what we fought a revolution over. Are we going to blindly give up our freedom, go along and just take it? I am not going to take it anymore. I don’t think the American people are going to take it anymore.

80% of those under 40 say we’ve gone too far. This whole collection of all of our records all the time. It’s too much. The court has said how can the records be relevant to an investigation that hasn’t started?

The court has said that even under these over standards of saying that it would be relevant that all the stuff they are collecting is your love and. People say they are not looking at it or listening to it. It’s the tip of the iceberg… They kept saying over and over again we are not doing this collecting your records, and they were.

The head of the intelligence agency lied to the American people and he still works here!

But John McCain was having none of it. When Senator Paul asked if he could speak in opposition to those arguing for the “Pro-NSA” cause, McCain jumped down Paul’s throat. “The senator from Kentucky needs to learn the rules of the Senate. Maybe the senator from Kentucky should know the rules of the Senate.”

Jeb Bush tried to make the NSA spying case outside the halls of the Senate on Sunday when he appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. It was there that the establishment favorite amazingly argued that there was no evidence that anyone’s civil liberties had been violated by the NSA in their gluttonous vacuuming of our private digital information.



I do, I do [beleive the country is in danger if the PATRIOT Act expires Sunday at midnight]. It is not a violation of civil liberties, there is no evidence, not a shred of evidence that the metadata program has violated anybody’s civil liberties.

The first duty of the national government is to protect the homeland and this has been an effective tool, along with many others. The PATRIOT Act ought to be reauthorized as is.


Ah, but there’s the rub Mr. Bush. We have no way of knowing whose civil liberties have been violated by the NSA, because the program has virtually no oversight in that area. Even if our representatives on the intelligence committee did hear of such violations, they would be forced by federal law to remain silent because of the nature of such information! Further, I would argue, as Senator Paul has, that the collection of our data is, in and of itself A VIOLATION OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES. It is our private correspondence – our emails, phone calls, web searches, text messages, internet history – that is being collected, WITHOUT A WARRANT, and that on its own is proof positive that our 4th Amendment rights are being trampled.

 The offending provisions of the PATRIOT Act are about to fall, but I highly doubt we’ve heard the end of this argument. Neither the NSA nor the Congressmen and women who support the collection of that data will let it die without a fight.

Hopefully, Senator Paul and all of the other representatives who have fought so hard to safeguard the 4th Amendment will remain vigilant in this battle.

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