The Decadent Decline of American Society

As I was reviewing the various news sources to look for topics to write on, I noticed a plethora of news reports the reflects how decadent and corrupt American society has become.  Among the headlines were:

  • Men Open fire on Crowded Philadelphia Bus
  • Man Crashes Through Store Ceiling Trying to Steel Copper
  • Woman Dies From Heat After AC Stolen
  • Renter Steals AC, Sells for Gas Money
  • Thieves Steal School’s Bleachers
  • Mom Arrested for Robbing Girl at Gunpoint – for Bike
  • ‘Mob’ Beatings at WI State Fair
  • Hundreds of Young Black People Beating White People
  • Fairgoers ‘Pulled out of Cars”
  • Woman Carjacked By Man She Met at Sex Club
  • Motorist Arrested in Hit-and-Run that Killed Pregnant Woman
  • Ex-Youth Sports Official Spent Misused Funds on Dentist, iTunes
  • Overseer o fL.A. Neighborhood Councils Resigns After Porn Raid
  • Homemade Explosive Found at Water Plant
  • Man Lied About HIV Status, Rape of Infant
  • Funeral Planned for Teen Killed in Murder-Suicide
  • Teen Arrested in Township Murder
  • Meth Making Materials Found Outside Business
  • Man Arrested for Alleged Bike Path Attack
  • Local Man Busted in International Child Porn Ring
  • City Commissioner Enters Guilty Plea to DUI
  • Police Investigate Explosives Found Outside Church
  • Man Gets 38 Years for ‘Senseless’ Murder of Landlord
  • $10,000 Reward Offered in Killing of Bronzeville Teen
  • Joliet Man Raped Woman, Shot Her With BB Gun
  • Teen Stabbed by Family Member During Argument
  • Man Allegedly Prostituted Abandoned Teenagers to Pay for Rent
  • 6 Dead in Weekend Violence

The list goes on and on as I searched from one news source to another.

As I read all of these, I couldn’t help but think about the decadence of Rome and every other great civilization that took place shortly before their fall from greatness.  Most great civilizations of the past were not conquered by others.  They collapsed from within.  As they prospered, their moral standards declined and as their moral standards declined, they ceased to prosper until the very structure of their society caved in on itself.

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Looking at the state of affairs here in the US, the growing decadence and moral collapse of the people can and will lead to the eventual collapse of American society as we know it, unless something is done NOW.  First thing we have to do is get rid of every bleeding heart liberal in city, county, state and federal governments.  Then we have to select leaders of strong moral character and put them in positions where they can turn things around.  If this doesn’t happen in the next election, history is destined to repeat itself as we slide down the path to destruction.

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