The Democrat Civil War is Now

The Democrat Party has been at a crossroad since the 2016 primaries when it veered HARD left. This time the party may not survive 2020 as a truly American party.

Does the party continue down an American — though liberal — path, or does it shun America and choose the extreme left-wing path European autocrats took? That question has been looming since the 2016 primaries and now comes the reckoning.

Even a progressive leftist columnist for USA Today sees the Democrats devolving into an internal fight over the direction of the party.

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For the paper, leftist Saritha Prabhu claims that the war began heating up in 2016 when Bernie Sanders gave Hillary a huge headache. But, in truth, the war started in the early 2000s when the far left really kicked its efforts into high gear.

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Remember when Markos Moulitsas and his extremists of the Daily Kos website began floating candidates under entities such as NetRoots, ActBlue, later Obama’s groups, and a host of others? Moulitsas was all the stuff until about 2010 (and today he is a nobody) but the extremism he and his ilk fostered has become the base of the Democrat Party.

Moulitsas and the rest of the nutcases have successfully squeezed out the traditional, Blue Dog Democrat. These are many of the people who crossed the aisle to vote for Trump in 2016.

But there is still a faction of the leftist party that the Moulitsasians want to destroy: the corporate elites.

It is this fight that Prabhu rightfully sees as the current battlefield for the Democrat civil war.

“At the heart of today’s Democratic Party is an identity crisis and an ideological struggle. In recent election cycles, these were pushed underground for the sake of party unity,” Prabhu wrote.

For starters, is the Democratic Party a party of the rich or a party of the little guy? For many years, they’ve been the party of the rich playing a good game of pretending to be for the little guy.

And the Democratic establishment does it in insidious ways that are too clever by half: They are for the marginalized guy or gal in the race, gender, and sexuality issues because, hey, that doesn’t hurt their and their affluent constituents’ pocketbook much.

But in the economic issues that matter, they often sock it to the average Democratic working-class voter: in the global trade deals that’ve offshored jobs and have decimated the American manufacturing base; in their looking the other way as illegal immigrants depress the wages of working-class Americans, and more.

Prabhu is 100 percent right that the Dems are liars. Talking the “poor folks” game while filling their pockets at America’s expense. She is also right that they use the “minorities” and “abortion/guns/immigration” as a smoke screen to cover their continued plunder of the nation.

We are seeing the war writ large in candidacies of Sanders, Warren, Booker, and Harris versus old school candidates such as Joe Biden.

The extremist, left-wing, communist wing of the Democrat Party is inches away from being the entire party. The 2020 race will cement that status and the last vestige of conservative Democrats will formally disappear whether Trump wins or loses.

That will make the Democrat Party fully anti-American whereas today it is only nearly so.

And once the extreme left finally wins… their next war will be against the rest of us in the entire country.

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