The DNC is Suing Trump, Russia, WikiLeaks and Everyone Else

Why is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) suing anyone and everyone they can think of? Because they’re suing everyone they believe to be to blame for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss, thankfully they’re not suing that American voters… yet.

The DNC has just filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign, the government of Russia, the folks at Wikileaks, and various other groups – blaming them all for nefariously colluding to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Sure, it’s completely laughable. But it’s real.

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What’s ironic is that after almost 2 years of investigating, there is still no proof that the Trump team had anything to do with Russia… but there is plenty of evidence that the Democrats were mixed up with the Russians. Remember, we know for a FACT that the DNC (yes, the people suing everyone else) actually paid the Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump!

Here’s DNC chairman Tom Perez giving his lame reasoning for the DNC lawsuit.

“I believe it’s critically important here to seek justice and to expose the truth in the civil justice system because frankly, as General McMaster said awhile ago, the Russian misconduct, we have not imposed sufficient costs on Russia for what they tried to do to the election. That is true. What he didn’t say was why. We know why. This government didn’t impose sufficient costs because they were conspiring with the government of Russia. And we have to deter this conduct.”

It’s preposterous, but it’s the DNC, so preposterous is in their DNA.

Provocateur Roger Stone says the DNC is making a huge mistake because they are opening themselves up to “discovery” by the people that they’re accusing of a crime. The aggrieved parties could demand that the DNC turn over proof that they were hacked and give them access to much of the information the DNC was unwilling to turn over to federal authorities and the investigative media.

On the Jimmy Mathis Show, Stone explained that his lawyers were preparing to go through the DNC’s computers with a fine tooth comb, and they would reveal everything they find.

From RCP:

Roger Stone: The DNC’s suit is a massive bogus, meritless lawsuit designed to get headlines…

They have no program to run the country, to revitalize the economy or create jobs or fix the trade imbalance, or for peace in the world, they have no plans at all. It is 100% hate Trump. I do not think that is a great message going into an election, especially with the economy growing at 3%… and the prospects of denuclearization with North Korea…

Jimmy Mathis: Mark Levin noted the possibility of discovery, so are the Democrats opening up a Pandora’s box here?

Roger Stone: No, my lawyers who I met with this morning are going to move immediately to inspect their servers, we have very right to do that because [the Democrats] are alleging a hacking they can’t even prove…

What they have is a left-wing conspiracy theory dressed up as a lawsuit. They have no evidence, no proof. All of their cites are from left wing fake news sources. ‘Somebody reported in the news that…’ and therefore it is true.

They bring in the Podesta email question of Hillary Clinton’s emails, even though neither is relevant in the case or the charges against me. So it is just an attempt to be salacious.

By the way, they also incorrectly truncate my iconic tweet. “The Podestas time in the barrel.” The “The!” disappears, so it implies that I knew about Podesta’s emails in advance, which I didn’t…

These lawyers need to be sanctioned, this is bogus, it is meritless, baseless, it is a strung together fantasy of things they find suspicious because of their left-wing worldview. I think it is probably a fundraising device for the DNC. But, as you pointed out, it has opened the door for discovery, so we’re going to find out if they were really hacked by the Russians, which I doubt. Or by anybody, which I doubt…

All these defendants are going to have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just on legal fees for a motion to dismiss, or summary judgment.

This is the same lawsuit already filed against Trump and I by Project Democracy, an Obama front… There is no case there, there is no case here. They have no proof.

Stone’s lawyers added a brief explanation, demanding that the DNC reveal everything and threatening to have the judge throw the case out if they learn that the DNC destroyed even a shred of possible evidence.

In recent media reports the DNC claims the remedy was costly. The suit details the necessary fixes; the DNC had to “decommission more than 140 servers, remove and reinstall all software, including the operating systems, for more than 180 computers, and rebuild at least 11 servers.”

If the DNC thought there was even a remote chance it would sue a foreign government, the Campaign of the President of the United States, Roger Stone, and others, it had an obligation not to destroy the evidence.

We sent the preservation and hold letter because we want to know if the DNC “cremated the body” before we could examine and test the toxicity of the DNC’s questionable claims. Based on the reports and the lawsuit, the DNC is expecting, without verification, for a jury and America to accept its narrative.

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