The Eligibility Issue Still Matters to Americans

It comes down to this: Are you the sort of person who would really stand by and let a man in a position of power change the face and future of your country for the worse just because it would be too hard or unpopular to prove that he doesn’t belong in that position in the first place?

It’s beyond disheartening to watch judge after judge, court after court find reasons not to listen to evidence that President Obama’s birth certificate, and hence his eligibility to hold the office, is faked.

But there are no words to describe the feeling when a judge, who is sworn to uphold the Constitution, rules that a candidate for the presidency doesn’t have to prove his eligibility for the office at all, as happened recently in a New Jersey courtroom.

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Just to twist the knife a bit, Obama’s attorney in the case, Alexandra Hill, seemed to give indications that the White House was trying to distance itself from the birth certificate it issued on its own website, according to Jerome Corsi, who is probably the only journalist in America still following the eligibility story.

There is no one reason that can illuminate the near-total lack of interest in Obama’s eligibility to hold office, either before he was elected or since. The dismissive attitude toward an issue that should have barred Obama from ever entering the White House as anything but part of a tour group simply defies any logical explanation.

Power, corruption, false identities, rumors of violent threats — the eligibility issue is among the vastest of conspiracies hiding in broad daylight.

The courts, media and politicians just won’t hear anything of it.

Many people believe that even if it could be proved, the birth certificate simply doesn’t matter because Obama was elected, regardless if he meets the criteria of the Constitution or if we even know his real identity.

So why does the question linger?

Because a substantial portion of the American people smell a lie.

Some polls have found fewer than four in 10 Americans believe the president was born in the U.S.

Even that number seems high when any calm, rational look is taken at the evidence: the obviously computer-generated birth certificate, the evasiveness about where the certificate was, the millions of dollars spent to prevent any airing of the issue in court, the allegations about false Social Security numbers, the testimony from Obama’s own relatives and from others who seem to have some knowledge of the president’s past, and so on.

Someday, the true story of Barack Obama will be written. It may resemble his autobiographies, or it may reveal how a circle of powerful people “created” a candidate from whole cloth and manipulated him into office in plain sight of the people.

The real question is will you be able to look back and say you were one of those who did something about it at the time and rose to the defense of your country?

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