The Evolution Theory Needs Government Help to Survive

There is only one way for a bankrupt company to continue its existence: if it gets a special treat from the government in the form of monopoly or government bailout.

There is only one way for a bankrupt theory based on lies and mythology to continue its existence: if it gets a special treat from the government in the form of monopoly of preferential government financing.

The renowned British atheist Richard Dawkins knows this truth way too well. That’s why he has been busy in the last two decades procuring government monopoly and bailouts for his bankrupt religion of atheism, and for its equally bankrupt mythology of evolution.

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And, in a Britain that it so socialist that it is almost Communist, he has won many battles to keep his bankrupt religion and mythology afloat. His last victory is the loss of government funding for private schools in Britain who teach creationism as a fact.

Don’t get me wrong, I am against any government funding for any schools. I believe that the Department of Education must be abolished, that county, state, and federal funding for education must be eliminated, and that parents should pay for the education of their children, and therefore also monitor the schools. Just like any other goods or services in the free market, education will have high quality and low costs only when there is freedom for entrepreneurs and parents to make deals. Government bureaucrats shouldn’t be allowed to control education because they do exactly the same as they have done in any other area: they destroy it.

But Dawkins is not about free market; not at all, his religion and mythology can’t survive in a free market. He wants the schools that teach creationism to be cut from government funds but government funds to continue flowing to schools that teach the religion and mythology that Dawkins likes. He wants the parents who disagree with him to be taxed to support his views. For a man who brands himself to be a “free thinker,” that may look strange. But not so, given the fact that Dawkins knows that his religion and mythology are bankrupt. Therefore he needs to win monopoly and government bailouts for them.

The history of evolutionism is not different here in the US. From the very beginning, evolutionism has advanced only through government intervention, judicial action, bullying, intimidation, mockery, abuse of power, and manipulative use of the media. No evolutionist in the US has ever tried to win his case by presenting logical arguments and facts in favor of his theory. It has always been government monopoly and bailouts.

Strange, it sounds like methods that only Communists or Nazis would use; and it sounds like Dawkins’ bragging about his “victory” is something that only a Communist or a Nazi would be proud of. Not so strange. After all, one of the first thinkers in Europe to enthusiastically endorse Darwin’s theory was Karl Marx who saw its utmost importance for his Communism. And even a cursory reading of Mein Kampf would reveal that Hitler relied heavily on Darwinian evolution for his thesis of racial superiority. That modern evolutionists don’t openly endorse Marx and Hitler is only due to political correctness; in reality, though, Dawkins and his ideological buddies would stop before nothing, and would use Marx’s and Hitler’s methods to achieve their goals.

Which brings us to the issue of who exactly do we allow to teach our children? Given the fact that the Department of Education here in the US is entirely staffed by atheists and evolutionists, financing it means supporting a religion that is hostile to everything America was based on. The elimination of the Department of Education is a must, if the US is to survive and prosper. Evolution and atheism should be left to compete on the free market, and left to die out as any bankrupt religion based on lies. We can not afford letting another deception dominate our education and pollute the minds of our children.

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