The Final Stages Towards Marxism

In most socialist countries there is no middle class.  You are either part of the elite governmentally connected rich or you are among the working poor.  There is no in-between.

According to the latest figures releases from the US Census Bureau, America’s middle class is disappearing and the number of people living in poverty is on the rise.  This trend coincides with the hundreds of socialist policies and regulations imposed by bureaucrats running the nation.

The people are losing their rights and freedoms at every turn.  The federal government is swallowing up some businesses and placing restrictive controls on others.  They are taking on the likeness of Big Brother in Orwell’s novel, 1984.

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If the current economic and job trends continue much longer, and it appears they will, America’s middle class may be reduced so low that the final transition to a Marxist nation will be complete.

Our nation is reaching a critical stage in its history and if we don’t take drastic steps to stop the current trends, our nation will be lost forever.  The survival of America is hanging in the balance.  The 2012 election will determine which way the nation goes.  Will we continue to slide down the path to Marxism or will the people wake up and elect leaders that will actively take measures to repeal many of the socialist laws and agendas and avert the final destruction of the nation.

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