The GOP is Facing Big Challenges in 2018 – Here they Are

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

As Congress and the White House grapple to pass a new government spending bill, a perilous immigration package and costly disaster relief bills, GOP Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia assesses the risks that Republicans are facing in 2018 for failing to keep basic campaign promises.

Brat, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, gave a video interview to The Daily Caller News Foundation on the current political stakes. His position is clear: With the exception of tax reform, the united Republican majority in Washington has let the American people down.

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Brat describes voters as “rightly very upset” with Congress and its inability to unite and deliver on campaign promises. “Our leadership needs to do a better job” on framing the environment and getting the U.S. on offense, Brat says.

Despite having majorities in the House and Senate, and having President Donald Trump in the White House, Congress was unable to repeal Obamacare — a major Republican campaign promise. Brat admits that the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare “was a total face plant.” The alternative health care plan left most of Obamacare intact, excessively involved the federal government and failed to receive Republican support in the Senate.

If this pattern of failure continues, Brat warns, all of America might see the blue wave that Virginia saw in its 2017 state elections.

When asked about escalating violence by the hard left that has resulted in physical assaults on Republicans by crazed leftists, Brat said “it’s a war out there.”

He describes the left as well-funded and organized as its members seek to disrupt and divide America, while attempting to nullify Trump’s election. The media is not reporting on what members sense is escalating violence fomented by the hard left, such as Antifa.

“I don’t understand why we don’t describe reality. The news media doesn’t cover reality,” Brat said, recalling a time when 700 pre-organized, well funded radical left protesters invaded his town hall, lobbing f-bombs at the preacher trying to open with prayer.

For more on Brat visit his website, buy his book, “American Underdog: Proof That Principles Matter,” follow him on Twitter, or like his Facebook page.

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