The Hispanic States of America?

According to Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director of the Pew Research Hispanic Center:

“The United States is actually the second-largest Hispanic nation, just behind Mexico. That means the U.S. has more Latinos than Peru or Colombia or Argentina…There’s beginning to be an identity that is unique to the U.S. that is a pan-Hispanic identity, but one that also highlights the many heritages that those in the U.S. have from all of Latin America.”

Lopez pointed out that the major area of growth in Hispanic numbers comes from those born here in the US.  My question is how many of those born here were from legal or illegal parents.  Once the child is born here, they automatically become a citizen, even if the parents are not legal citizens.

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Start with 15 million illegals.  If half are female and get pregnant and have at least 2 children, you suddenly have 15 million children that are citizens.  However, I know very few Hispanics who only have one or two children.  A many of them have 4 or more, so now suddenly you’re looking at 30 million or more legal Hispanics from illegal parents.  Add that to the millions of Hispanics that are legal citizens and in a couple short generations, you have the second largest Hispanic nation in the world.

If you recall, statistics indicate that Hispanics will become the majority ethnic group in California by the end of this summer.  Their numbers will surpass those of blacks, whites, Orientals and American Indians.

The number of Hispanics is having an influence in American culture and politics.  Lopez said that there will be 50,000 – 60,000 Latinos turn 18 every month and this will definitely have an impact on American culture. They tend to be more liberal in their political views and side with Democrats more than Republicans.  As more of them get involved in politics at all levels of government, it will make a significant difference in the future.

Like it or not, Hispanics are going to play a much greater role in America’s future.  With the birth rates in general declining in the US over the past couple of years, the escalated birth rates of Hispanics, their impact on American culture and politics may come sooner than some expect.

It always bothered me when I lived in Arizona to see Cinco de Mayo (May 5th – Mexican Independence Day) to be stretched out to a three day celebration and July 4th be relegated to afternoon picnics and nighttime fireworks, all on one day.  Just like when we lost Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays to one President’s Day to allow for holiday for the black culture, will we lose another holiday to the Hispanic population?

We truly are on the way to becoming the United States of Mexico, aren’t we?

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