The “Illegals Pay Taxes Too” Argument

One of the mainstays of the Democrat agenda that must be completed prior to Obama’s exit is the legalizing of illegal aliens. And as if right on cue, the Fiscal Times via Yahoo Finance has presented proof that immigrants, despite being undocumented, are contributing a portion of their (ill-gotten) income to paying their fair share.

The article is entitled “Study finds illegal immigrants pay 11.8 billion in taxes.” The Fiscal Times cites “A new nationwide study on the fiscal implications of illegal immigration concludes that millions of undocumented immigrants are paying billions of dollars in taxes into state and local coffers, and that substantially more would be generated if president Obama prevails in imposing a new executive order protecting many of these workers from deportation.”

“The 50 state analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy . . . found that roughly 8.1 million of the 11.4 million undocumented immigrants who work paid more than $11.8 billion in state and local taxes in 2012, even while they were living illegally in the country.”

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What happened to being in the shadows and how can we deport them when we can’t find them? They evidently found them long enough to calculate their tax contribution.

Anyway, $11.8 billion sounds pretty substantial and “The group’s analysis estimated that illegal immigrants combined nationwide state and local tax contributions would increase by $845 million under full implementation of Obama’s 2012 and 2014 executive actions and by $2.2 billion under comprehensive immigration reform.”

So if we just legalize them, we’ll reap the benefit of an additional $14 billion. That’s a great deal, except that it isn’t — not by a stretch. The left is predictable if nothing else. They always seem to leave out how much this tax benefit will cost the rest of us.

In 2010 Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation did a cost/benefit analysis on illegals to find that on average an illegal immigrant family “got $24,728 in government benefits and services, including public schooling for their children, while paying an average of $10,334 in taxes.”

Forbes reported that “a 2011 report by Jack Martin and Eric Ruark of the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated that illegal immigrants are costing state and local governments around $80 billion per year currently.” wrote of the healthcare burden: “During the budgets 2014-2019, in which Medicaid expansion takes effect, covering 3.1 million amnestied immigrants would conservatively cost taxpayers $48.6 billion.” That’s just Medicaid!

But don’t fret just yet, for I have an idea to help offset the additional cost burden to us all.

Since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2003, the budget of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the parent agency of the border patrol within DHS has doubled from $5.9 billion to $11.9 billion per year.

Now add in the I.C.E. budget which is about $5.9 billion annually and we get $17.8 billion total. Let’s round that up to $18 billion.

Since we no longer have a border, we hardly need border security and given that I.C.E. is no longer allowed to “round anyone up” for deportation, we can use that $18 billion a year to help offset the cost of keeping all the hard-working undocumented Democrats right where they belong — in the grand ole US of A.

Problem solved — Viva America!

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