The Left’s Attempt to Preserve the Peaceful Palestinian Myth

Everything that radical Muslims do is at according to the plan for Muslim dominance of this country and the entire western world.

Yet still, this slow advance has kept us relatively safe on American soil. But imagine what life would be like if here in America we had to contend with what Israel has been and is presently experiencing. Imagine walking down the streets of any city or town in the U.S. and someone, completely unprovoked, comes up behind you and attacks – savagely stabbing you. Imagine this has occurred not once or twice, but 10 or more times in short order.

Now imagine more groups of the same ilk were holdup in Mexico or Canada, just indiscriminately launching missiles, rockets, and mortars into our cities and towns along the border. What do you think we might do? How would we react to this constant assault?

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We might look to our government and our military to protect us. We would probably further arm ourselves. We might even lash out at our police and officials for not doing enough to protect us. It’s one thing to take it upon yourself to defend your family or your home against attackers or invaders, but arming yourself will do little against a mortar barrage.

Suffice it to say, Americans would be pissed. We would demand action. Now imagine some foreign dignitary thought it necessary to fly into Washington and lecture our president and elected officials on the evils of America – that we just need to be more tolerant and accepting of the murderers – maybe give parts of our country to them, and they’ll stop killing us. Oh, I don’t mean this president. He would and has agreed with such dignitaries. I mean a president who actually likes America.

Well, I know exactly what we would all say. There would a deafening collective “Screw Off” to those who wish to advise and dictate to us. We would never accept anyone telling us we were the bad guys.

But of course this is the evil Satan nation of Israel – and everything they do is wrong and purposely oppressive of the poor Palestinians – at least in the eyes of the international leftist community.

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas can incite hatred of and violence toward Israel, and is honored with a flag-raising at the United Nations. He can complain that after all this time his people still have no home. Of course, it’s his fault, as he and others have rejected every ill-conceived (in my opinion) olive branch offered by the Israelis.

But none of this matters, and he knows it. He has the entire liberal western world standing with him – steadfast against Netanyahu and Israel.

Yet due to these recent vicious and unsolicited attacks on Israeli citizens, support for the poor homeland-less Palestinians may be wavering a bit. So in fly the liberal apologist leaders to the rescue. Even as Palestinian religious leaders are calling for these attacks, U.N. head weenie, Ban Ki-Moon flies to Jerusalem to call for an end to the violence. And instead of blaming the murderous Palestinians and those who incite them, John Kerry blames Israel.

See, the worldwide left has constructed this myth of peaceful Palestinian people just searching for a homeland and the evil tyrannical Israeli state holding them down. It has worked successfully for decades. Even rocket and mortar attacks haven’t moved people to the Israeli’s side. Sure, we see the aftermath on video and in photographs, but that’s just aftermath, and bombings, albeit horrific, are not personal like a one on one killing.

Now we have actual footage of stabbing attacks on video. These are personal and vicious and seemingly random. It’s the definition of terror, and it may cause some to turn against the Palestinians in favor of Israel. The left cannot tolerate this. Their narrative has always been Jews bad — all Palestinians good — and these attacks threaten to disrupt their decade’s old narrative.

This, in my opinion, is why world leaders are flying to Israel and gathering at the U.N. — scrambling about in an attempt to head off further violence against Israelis and preserve their bogus narrative.

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