The Liberal View of Trump is Impossible


The journalist and internet philosopher Benny Johnson recently exposed some truth via Facebook.

Johnson examined the leftist commentary on Trump and discovered that their views of the President are quite literally impossible to reconcile.

Today’s liberals spend hours on TV, and in the written media arguing that the President is both an incompetent clown and a devious mastermind… the two thoughts simply cannot both be accurate.

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Or as Johnson so brilliantly puts it:

Trump Is Either:

• An incompetent clownish moron who never intended on becoming President & does not want to be president.


• An evil genius who played 7-D chess with Russian super-agents to rig a presidential election in plain sight.

Trump Is Either:

• A raving Nazi who loves white supremacy.


• A rabid Zionist who will go down in history as the strongest supporter of Israel in presidential history.

Trump Either:

• Loves dictators & fascists around the world because he is a dictator & fascist.


• Is reckless and irresponsible for fighting dictators & fascists around the globe (Cuba, China, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea ect.)

Trump Is Either:

• The #1 enemy of the First Amendment, ever.


• Should be banned on Twitter/ all social media for his offensive, dangerous worldview.


He can’t be both.


He’s right, you know. So which is it liberals? Is the President a clown or a mastermind?

Or perhaps we could consider a third option?

He’s neither of these things. Maybe he’s just a man who loves his country and is doing his best to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign and to serve the people who elected him.

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