The Marriage Barbarians’ Battle Cry: ‘Love Won!’

Kentucky District Court Judge David Bunning sent Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to jail on Thursday for refusing to issue homosexual marriage licenses.

Ever since the Supreme Court created a right to sodomy-based “marriage,” Davis has refused to issue any marriage licenses to any couples, homosexual or straight.

But it’s only the homosexual “marriages” that upset Bunning and the angry crowd outside the courthouse.

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“Justice has been served, and love and equality has prevailed,” said protester Carl Geiman Jr. as the Christian clerk was singled out to be lovingly and equally incarcerated for not violating her moral conscience, which is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment.

“Love won! Love won!” the crowd chanted as religious freedom swirled the drain.

“My conscience will not allow it,” Davis said to Bunning when he pressed her to follow his previous court order and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “God’s moral law convicts me and conflicts with my duties.”

Davis, who has admitted to divorcing and remarrying multiple times, became a Christian after her dying mother-in-law on her death bed asked her to go to church.

Apparently, mom’s plea worked. Davis converted and has been trying to live up to her commitment ever since.

Now the sodomite lobby and the moral catamites in the courts are going to make her pay for becoming a Christian.

I can’t help but notice how Muslims are accommodated when they want to pray during the work day, wash their feet as a religious ceremony or not handle products including pork and alcohol even though they work in retail at non-Muslim stores.

There have been cases where government has accommodated religious-based demands from voudounistas, wiccans and Satanists. Atheists are always first in line to demand their religious sensibilities be assuaged, and their complaints always seem to succeed.

But a federal judge would rather jail a Christian official than find a way to accommodate her beliefs, as the law demands.

Even the ACLU, which had asked that Davis be fined, was washing its hands of this judge’s decision. ACLU attorney Heather Weaver said, “We didn’t ask the court to incarcerate her. … He did what he thought was necessary.”

Earlier in the week, Weaver said, “It’s not making someone a martyr to ask them to do their job and follow the law.”

Unless you jail them for their faith. … Oops.

Thank you, Pilate.

Republicans are jumping on this one because, for some reason, they seem to think that religious freedom trumps the judge’s order in this case. Must be something peculiar in the constitution of your average conservative.

Ted Cruz has issued a blistering statement opposing “judicial tyranny.” Gov. Mike Huckabee was likewise incensed.

“Kim Davis in federal custody removes all doubts about the criminalization of Christianity in this country. We must defend !” he tweeted.

The jailing of Davis also removes all pretense that the homosexual “marriage” movement was ever about equality. It has been, from the start, a legal ploy to give homosexuals a weapon to use to destroy Bible-believing Christianity in this country.

I specify “Bible-believing” because there are plenty of churches and denominations in this country with the name “Christian” on the door that treat the Bible as nothing more than a book of fairy tales.

But Christians who accept the Bible as true are an impediment to those who wish to make this country into a man-made utopian god-state.

It seems likely that Mrs. Davis is simply the first of many Christians who will feel the full weight of the government’s boot on their necks. To paraphrase Ephesians 6:10-18, or perhaps it’s John Wayne, it’s time for Christians to lock and load.


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