The Media is Lying To You That Rush Limbaugh Guided Trump on Shutdown

Since late last week, the media has been claiming that President Donald Trump only reversed his decision on signing the budget because Rush Limbaugh told him not to. This is a lie, Limbaugh says. Do not believe it.

Limbaugh hit the airwaves on Christmas Eve to reveal that the media has thoroughly mischaracterized the interactions between the talk show host and the president. I know you are shocked.

According to the lying, fake news media, President Trump had “agreed” to sign the original budget deal that had no money for border security in it. But on Wednesday, talk radio hosts such as Limbaugh — and a raft of others — all raised up in unison to say that if Trump backs down from getting the money he wanted for border security, he would lose in base and would become completely isolated in Washington.

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The media next contended that once talkers like Rush began urging Trump not to accept a budget deal without the wall funding, on Thursday he turned on a dime, bowed to the talk radio hosts, and suddenly refused to sign the budget he had agreed to sign.

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So, by Friday, the House of Representatives was forced to revisit the budget, add the $5.7 billion for the wall, approve the bill, and send it to the Senate

This, the media insisted, all means that Rush Limbaugh is “running the country” and the president is so weak that he is afraid of talk radio.

That is the spin. The left-media has replayed this claimed scenario over and over again since last Friday.

But according to Limbaugh, this is all a lie. Limbaugh says he had no role in convincing the president to reject a budget that had no security spending because Trump had already rejected the deal on his own.

In his Christmas Eve program, Limbaugh struck back at the leftist media and their lies about the president’s budget deliberations.

“Now, you know what they’re trying to do here,” Rush warned his audience. “They are attempting to embarrass President Trump. You know what this all traces back to? It traces back [to] one day last week, and I got word… that the president was preparing to agree with the continuing resolution that the House had passed that had no money in it — none — for border security.”

“It went over to the Senate, and the Senate passed it and the president was ready to accept it, I couldn’t believe it. Because what really frosted me is there was $1.6 billion for wall construction or border security that got stripped out in this continuing resolution,” Limbaugh continued. “So, there we started out with $1.6 billion, and then by the time it was ready to go up to Trump for signature, there was nothing in it. So that’s what I said.”

Rush noted that he thought accepting that budget would have been “a gigantic mistake.” Limbaugh added, “This was the signature issue that got President Trump elected.”

But then Rush got a note from the president:

Well, I get a message here from somebody who wishes to remain nameless, who said, “Rush, I’m letting you on behalf of President Trump, this is all wrong. He’s not signing this. He’s gonna veto this. If there’s no money in it for the wall, he’s gonna veto it. So, don’t worry about it.” So, I was told that whatever I had heard and was telling you about was not true. It was a message.

It was a name you would all know, but the person asked me not to mention their name. But I was on the air, and this is how the president chose to get the message, because obviously he was told that I was succeeding that this was an absolute disaster if he would do this. His point was, he wasn’t gonna do it and wanted me to know. I didn’t talk him into or out of anything. The message I got was, “Don’t worry. He’s not gonna sign this.

“I can tell you that the only message I got was, ‘Don’t worry. Whatever you’re seeing isn’t true. He’s not signing this unless there’s money in it.’ Not that, ‘Okay, Rush, the president heard you. He isn’t gonna sign it!’ It wasn’t that at all. And these people know this,” Limbaugh said.

So, the truth is, it was Trump’s decision not to sign the budget bill and he made that decision before Limbaugh started complaining. Rush did not force Trump to do anything. It was the president who reassured Limbaugh, not Limbaugh forcing the president to act.

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