The Mid-Terms Prove that Half of Our Fellow Americans Are as Dumb as Dirt

By Nicholas Wishek

I’ve had to deal with liberals all my life. It never used to be personal. I considered them ignorant, not stupid. Misinformed, not selfish or evil. That’s getting harder and harder to do as I watch progressive policies lead to disastrous results. I’ve lived in California just about my whole life. I’ve seen what happens when liberals take charge. When I was growing up California was the Golden State. Once upon a time Ronald Reagan was our governor. And look at California now. The US News Best States Report listed California as dead last in Quality of Life. California’s PreK-12 schools ranked 44th  Taxes are high. Our roads are terrible. Homelessness in major cities is rampant. The state is massively in debt. And it is due to the dumb as dirt voters who keep electing politicians who enact progressive policies.

I still believe that most of those who vote Democratic are not selfish or evil. However, it is harder and harder to excuse their voting choices as simple ignorance. In the recent mid-terms the Democrats got roughly 8 million more popular votes than the Republicans. Mid-term voters reelected Pelosi, Sanders, Warren, and Watters. They elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, may have elected Kyrsten Sinema (Too close to call as I write this.), and nearly elected Andrew Gillum. Those are all extremely progressive Democrats whose policies would turn all of the United States into California. The voters who voted for them easily qualify as Lenin’s “useful idiots.”

If you are going to vote for those who run our country you should have a clue. Clearly over half of the mid-term voters don’t. I accept that many younger voters have been let down by our education system and have had to deal with attempted indoctrination by teachers and professors. I acknowledge that the entertainment media and most major news media present slanted programming and highly biased information to all potential voters. In the 21st century that is not an excuse. Not only is the information out there, it is also easily accessible. If you are getting your voter information from The View or late night talk shows… that’s on you. If you only watch CNN or the alphabet networks you ought to be smart enough to notice that they have a bias. It should be especially easy to discern when the bias is aimed directly against President Trump. If you can watch CNN and not see that they have a bias against the President you are not just dumb as dirt – you are willfully ignorant.

The mid-terms demonstrated that there are a whole lot of voters who voted for candidates that didn’t deserve their votes and mindlessly rejected candidates that supported the President. A smart voter would have recognized that the Trump agenda has been working. Our economy is recovering rapidly. Businesses are coming back home. Senseless and costly regulations are no longer blocking our productivity. North Korea isn’t lobbing missiles over Japan. ISIS is on the run, and our NATO allies are paying more of their fair share. A smart voter would have realized that the Democrat agenda enacted by Obama and the progressives wasn’t working. The President’s agenda on the other hand is helping America.

I am sick and tired of dumb voters giving power to politicians whose policies harm rather than help our nation. Sadly, I don’t think there is much that smart voters can do about it. There can’t be, and shouldn’t be, an IQ test for voting. If dumb voters don’t choose to inform themselves and instead decide get their information from slanted sources no one can make them watch Fox News or listen to conservative talk radio. Sure, smart voters can try to reason with those useful idiots, but we can’t make them listen. I have relatives who voted for Obama twice and now no longer associate with my wife and me because we voted for Trump. Their minds are made up – reality be damned.

The truth is that you can’t solve a problem if you don’t admit the problem exists in the first place. We have dumb voters. That’s a problem. What we can do about it is another problem. Not giving up is at least a start. Keep trying to enlighten clueless voters even though you may not succeed. Support and work hard to elect leaders who will help, not harm our country. For certain work to reelect Donald Trump in 2020 and elect a Congress that will get things done.

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