The Myth of the Radical Muslim Minority

Every now and again we need a refresher on what is true and what is not true when it comes to the politically correct explanations on terrorism. In the wake of the Muslim Extremist terror attack on the train from Belgium to France last week, the usual suspects on the left are again reminding the American people that only a small minority of Muslims are actually extremists. The only problem with this “reminder” is that it is completely untrue. The truth is that while Muslim extremists may be a minority in action, the vast majority of Muslims believe the actions of the extremists have at least a kernel of merit within them.

Thankfully there are voices in the wilderness who are speaking truth. Men like Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro who made an excellent primer on Islamic extremism just last year.

From Breitbart:

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Here’s what we do know: the polls show that Islamic extremism is on the rise. That’s not because it’s a fringe element. It’s because the West has swallowed multiculturalism wholesale, to the point where it’s politically unpalatable to condemn Islamic extremism for the mass rape of children.

So, here is the evidence that the enemy we face is not a “tiny minority” of Muslims, let alone a rootless philosophy unconnected to Islam entirely. It’s not just the thousands of westerners now attempting to join ISIS. It’s millions of Muslims who support their general goals, even if they don’t support the group itself…

In short, tens of millions of Muslims all over the world sympathize with the goals or tactics of terrorist groups – or both. That support is stronger outside the West, but it is present even in the West. Islamist extremism is not a passing or fading phenomenon – it is shockingly consistent over time. And the West’s attempts to brush off the ideology of fanaticism has been an overwhelming failure.

If you read the entire article you’ll see the statistics on Muslims who either passively or actively support radical Islam, and you’ll understand why we say that extremism is not a minority Muslim problem. If we want to defeat the evil forces arrayed against us we have to be honest with ourselves and we have to be honest about the enemy we face.

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