The NBA Teams Up with Gun Grabbers to Disarm Americans and Destroy our Liberty

It’s so sad when our cultural icons decide to step out and use their influence in unseemly ways. Whether it’s NBA legend Dennis Rodman partnering with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to make the tinpot tyrant seem more relatable, or it’s our favorite NBA stars (like “Steph” Curry) standing up with the gun-grabbing fascists on the left to disarm law abiding citizens.

This is just what happened recently when the NBA chose to side with the tyrannical left in their efforts to steal our freedom from us by demanding that law abiding Americans be disarmed. Sure, their efforts will do NOTHING to stop criminals from acquiring weapons with which to wreak havoc (as the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino proved), but who cares about the truth? Why let facts get in the way when you want to strip us of our rights? Let’s just let emotion rule the conversation and let’s use the way we feel to dictate how we respond to problems! This makes total sense (and by “total sense” I mean, “no sense”).

Anyway, you can see the fruit of the NBA’s collaboration with the fascists at Everytown for yourself below. Here’s what they had to say about “gun violence” in America:

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Far too many Americans have been impacted by gun violence. The stories of survivors and families of those taken by gun violence often go untold. Acclaimed director Spike Lee sat down with several NBA All Stars and dozens of members of the Everytown Survivor Network to hear how this issue has affected them – and what they’re doing to affect change.

It’s sick, twisted and all wrong.

One last thing on this subject, and I hope that the folks lending their voices to this campaign hear this: the facts say that Everytown and the NBA are wrong.

Today, there are more guns in the hands of Americans than EVER before. At the very same time, violent crime and murder are at HISTORIC LOWS! If guns were the problem that these NBA stars seem to believe they are, shouldn’t violence, murder and crime be at all time highs instead? The gun grabber position is nonsense, and it only takes a little thought to understand the truth of this.

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