The Obamacare-Medicare Noose And Grandma’s Neck

Raising the age of Medicare eligibility seems like a no-brainer. And if we raise the age to a hundred it might work. We are headed toward a “fiscal cliff” that is really a minor first fall in the approaching rapids hurling toward the Niagara of Economic Deluge. So increasing the age for Medicare from 65 to 67 seems like a small step. But thanks to Obamacare, it may be no step at all. Between Obamacare and Medicare we are in a noose that tightens no matter what you do.

Yesterday, NPR ran a story that was, I’m sure, mostly liberal spin designed to discourage any change in the insolvent status quo. Still, it showed the diabolical trap we are snared in, especially with Obamacare.

Possible Problem: Removing the Healthy From an Insurance Pool

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Medicare is only partly government handout. It is also a really bad insurance service—bad because no private company could stay solvent on its business model. But to that extent, what happens when all the 65- and 66-year-olds are no longer paying in? On average, these people are probably the healthiest in the pool. So when they leave, the finances get even worse. Either premiums go up on aged voters, or even more “general revenue” gets transferred in to keep it afloat.

Now since this is NPR, they may be getting biased information. Maybe raising the age will produce a slight economic advantage. But it won’t be much, and it shows how a government program has trained us all to live in a way that is heading for disaster.

The Real Problem: Obamacare Means the Private Sector is MIA

What was said several times in the radio report is that, if one sector of the economy doesn’t pay for Medicare, than the costs “just” get transferred to another part.

“Yes,” I shouted at my dashboard. “It should be handled in the private sector.”

What private sector?

Obamacare has taken over the doctor’s office and it is going to push us all into insurance schemes that have been molded by government regulations. And one of those regulations is No Age-ism Allowed. You must not “discriminate” against the elderly by demanding a higher premium from them even though you know their costs are going to be higher than your other customers.

So now that we’re facing the fiscal cliff, and want to try to unwind, Obamacare is there to make sure we don’t take even modest steps. We have been set up so that we get squeezed no matter what we do.

We Need to Face the Music

I think we need to try to change the age to seventies and just let Obamacare cause more pain. Hopefully, that will make it easier to repeal. The fact is Medicare is far far worse off than NPR will admit.

What will happen when the real implosion comes? What will the government try? I am confident that among the people who never let an emergency go to waste, there is already a plan.

We can’t have the elderly suffer for lack of funds, but we can euthanize them as part of a “rational” government policy. It is coming. You just wait.

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