The Onslaught Against Our American Treasure

By Jim Bowman

It’s not only about our Civil War Monuments! It’s everything that is American! Realize that our post WWII journey has been a gradual downhill creep. However, since Trump’s 2016 emergence, the hidden has become more definitive and the back room deals have gone mainstream!

The first clue was Truman’s war in Korea, an effort devoid of its necessary Congressional declaration. Few realized, other than those closely related, that even WWII vets were recalled into active service.

After Korea, there began the silent inroads against our governmental structure and our societal order. So enflamed was the 60’s era disorder, that today, it stands as a peak to at least equal and hopefully better, as those protesting days of yesteryear have morphed into current acceptability, even emulation. This insane striving, in part, fuels today’s overall impatient agenda, one which aims to tear down and redo our American Republic.

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So organized has been this effort that it has infiltrated all sectors, endeavors, standards, even our moral compass has felt its degradation.

Time and space hampers a more detailed presentation but suffice to say that when our society walks away from the loss of over 58,000 of her fellow American citizens, without even a nod of respect, let alone a national tear, well, is it any wonder as to the demand which Roe v. Wade generated?

With this brief overlook, one should consider that yes, something is amiss; that our “one Nation, under God ” is teeter-tottering. And just why have we started to think in diversity terms? Really? How does that fit into America’s “melting pot? Remember, from many into one?

Such questioning immediately builds up an unease since somewhere in our recesses, we can recall the fundamentals of Civics. Yet, even this is relegated to a certain age group, that ‘oldish’ sector which has been besmirched, even exiled from consideration.

This ongoing transition has produced mayhem. Comparative glances pinpoint the present day calamity of killing for kicks to a time when classroom order encompassed the reciting of “The Pledge,” the singing of our national anthem and of course, a daily prayer. All such activity has been slowly erased as the objections from outsiders have become routine and effective. By the term ‘outsider,’ I mean the few who object to proven societal norms.

Ponder just how beneficial is the moaning of an atheist verses America’s overall design and just how can civility and order be maintained when proven every day standards are trashed to please the lunatic fringe? Continuity and social harmony are impossible when adhering to the disenchanted and demanding voice.

The totality of this remake is such that reliance upon the usual has disappeared. More disturbing is this plastic preponderance. The cautionary tidbit that carrying ‘cash is dangerous,’ and that it’s bulky and so old fashioned has sadly gained the public’s nod. However, what isn’t mentioned are the benefits that paper money affords. First and foremost, transactions are not tracked or recorded. Less information is available for the profiling police. And, which is a quicker check out line transaction; plastic or cash?

Finally, there’s our hypocrisy legions which shine through with our particular ‘safe highway’ favorite. Is it the traffic delay at intersections from the texting crowd or is it the more clairvoyant vision of the pot smoker; who seems to have dramatically increased traffic deaths in Colorado? Another toughie, given the involved big moneyed interests.

Lastly, the grandest hypocrite award must go to those who support the illegal alien’s entry simply based upon “wanting a better life.” Flimsy at best since taken to the ‘nth’ degree, I just robbed a bank for the same reason! And from our illustrious political perspective, there’s the democrat humanitarian who only cares about increased voter numbers verses the robust republican who views the prize of cheap labor for appeasing the business quarter.

Certainly, America has drifted away from the Laus Deo, “Praise Be to God,” inscription atop of the Washington Monument. What else to think about America after a California proposal to teach gender identity to kindergarteners was recently introduced? This only touches the surface of America’s down hill trek, a journey which God will never bless!

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