The Police-State of New York City May be Coming to a City Near You

The NYPD has assumed the rule of prison guards and is treating the city as its prison. Worse, they are bullying, intimidating, harassing, and actively endangering any police officer who tries to honor the Constitution and treat people with dignity and respect.

One of the most horrible aspects of post-9/11 Amerika is that the hits come from all directions. It would be nice and simple if we could point to one single source of the problem. The Federal Government is a major player, of course, with its Patriot Act and molestarian TSA. But we are fooling ourselves if we think local government is not part of the problem as well.

In New York City, Cops are empowered and, if they are recalcitrant, forced to stop people for doing nothing wrong and to frisk them. “According to their own stop-and-frisk data, the NYPD stops more than 1,800 New Yorkers a day. A New York Times analysis recently determined that more than 20 percent of those stops involve the use of force. And these are only the numbers that the Department records.  Anecdotal evidence suggests both figures are much higher.”

Those who haven’t experienced the policy first-hand “have likened Stops to being stuck in an elevator, or in traffic,” says Darius Charney, senior staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights. “This is not merely an inconvenience, as the Department likes to describe it. This is men with guns surrounding you in the street late at night when you’re by yourself. You ask why and they curse you out and rough you up.”

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A recent short documentary video revealed two distinct classes of victims. One set was the “civilians” (allowing the insane pretense that local police are occupying soldiers) who were searched and sometimes assaulted for no reason. The others were the police officers who tried to resist. Their bosses assign them dangerous patrols on the night shift to teach them to submit to the regime. The corruption is enforced from the top down.

If you are like me, and spent your early years admiring “Dirty Harry,” you should know that (whatever could be said about that fictional hero, good or bad) being forced by politicians to harass and violate the populace you are supposed to be protecting has nothing in common for taking heroic risks to save victims and defeat predators. These cops aren’t rescuing girls from homicidal abductors or doing anything else nearly that noble; they’re harassing people (especially minorities) and often threatening to break their arms.

The NYPD is an example of Leftist authoritarianism gone mad. Unlike virtually any other police department or even the FBI or the CIA, the NYPD has no oversight. Recently, Mayer Bloomberg turned his attention from banning fast food to making sure that no oversight was pushed on the police department. He opposed the move in the city council to appoint an Inspector General. “The last thing we need is some politician or judge getting involved with setting policy, because you won’t be safe anymore. But today, you are.” No, a judge might stop the brutal intimidation of police officers who want to honor the Fourth Amendment.

Thankfully, conservatives really do care about the Fourth Amendment. Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum joined with the ACLU to oppose the Patriot Act. Conservatives have been as vocal as anyone in opposition to the TSA’s brutal humiliation of Americans for the sake of National Security Theater the brutal humiliation of Americans. May this outrage also be opposed and quickly ended.

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