The Erroneous Godhood of Barack Obama

In ancient times, rulers would often keep a court jester in their employ whose job was to make the king laugh.

Often, the jesters became trusted friends and advisers who would even poke fun at the rulers themselves during their performances. It was part of the jester’s job to keep the king down to earth, and most rulers would accept the jester in good humor.

Then there have always been the god-kings, the rulers who were so completely full of themselves that they could brook no joke at their expense.

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Such is Barack Obama, and his supporters are exactly the sort of sycophantic, religio-terrorist mob that has left bloody trails littered with the corpses of free thinkers through history.

Take the case of Tuffy Gessling, a rodeo clown. In the world of entertainment, rodeo clowns have a unique job in that they are expected to entertain an audience while distracting a huge, dangerous animal from mauling another human being. They’re half comedian, half hero.

Gessling apparently didn’t realize when he put on a President Obama mask as part of his act at the Missouri State Fair that the liberals in the audience would turn it into a national crisis.

Supposedly Gessling during his act asked the crowd if they’d like to see Obama run down by a bull, and the audience replied enthusiastically. That phrase doesn’t appear to have been captured in any of the videos of the event, though Gessling can be heard saying things like, “I know I’m a clown, Obama just goes around acting like one,” or “watch out, Obama, when this bull comes out, we’re gonna git ya, git ya.”

For exercising his constitutionally protected right of free speech, Gessling has been condemned, called racist, threatened with a Department of Justice investigation and banned for life from performing in rodeos in the state of Missouri.

The performance was so horrifying to liberals that even the rodeo clowns who had nothing to do with it have been ordered to undergo “sensitivity training.”

It’s been noted many times by many people that Obama is the subject of a personality cult that can only be compared with some of the worst episodes in history. The recent incident with Gessling demonstrates yet again the extent of the fanaticism that exists among his followers even after five years of his incompetence in the Oval Office.

It does seem that some previously devoted Obama camp followers have begun to have a more realistic view of their wannabe messiah, but there is a hard-core group who genuinely sees this fraud as something more than mere human.

Take the recent viral video of a young boy praying to Obama. Now, I don’t want to chastise a child who, I’m assuming, just wanted to wish the president well and who is perhaps not clear on the whole concept of prayer. But, there are a whole lot of people who support the boy’s praying “to” Obama, rather than to God, despite the obvious theological confusion of the youngster.

We’ve seen this attitude toward Obama too many times for it to be considered a fluke.  The knee-jerk defensiveness, the off-with-his-head reactions to jokes, the sanctimonious air of reverence for a man who is so fraudulent that he can’t even provide a legitimate birth certificate.

The reactions around the rodeo clown incident are reminiscent of the off-the-hook outrage several years ago at the publishing of a series of Mohammed cartoons.

As ridiculous as those outbursts were, the cult surrounding Obama is even more absurd and just as frightening in its irrationality.

People like Gessling shouldn’t be punished. They should be commended for providing a public service and reminding us all that the real clown is in the White House.


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