The Real Mission of NEA

Imbedded in the question of freedom is an educational dilemma—the long-standing enigma of how to obtain the important output of superior minds without creating an elite of scientists, politicians, social planners and commentators, military specialists, business executives, and so on.

This is from a book presented to the American public by the National Education Association in 1977. The book was meant to be a short policy statement of NEA; it laid out the policies which the NEA members believe are important to be implemented in the nation’s public schools.

Very few people realize that this short book is still considered a current policy statement by NEA. It is also still selling in the book stores of this nation.

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Let’s see what it says: NEA has a dilemma. That dilemma is that NEA wants the fruit of a superior mind but it doesn’t want that superior mind to profit from its superiority – normally the profit is in the form of economic rewards which create an elite. NEA doesn’t want an elite based on the superiority of mind; God forbid that we have such a thing in this nation. Allow the gifted among us to profit from their gifts? That would create trouble for our society, wouldn’t it?

Today, 30+ years after issuing this policy statement, NEA hasn’t solved the dilemma yet. Or, rather, it has solved it in the direction of destroying the elite of the mind without getting any output from the superior minds. In fact, if there are any superior minds among our young generation, the schools are there to make sure those superior minds do not produce any output and thus threaten our society with creating an elite. Mediocrity rules among the young generation who come out of this nation’s government schools. Then those same mediocre graduates become teachers, and the system perpetuates itself.

The economy, of course, needs an elite, so it finds it in another place. Our new elite of superior minds comes from other places – East Asia, Eastern Europe, India. The business world points to the low quality of the minds trained by NEA’s members. NEA, of course, says that education needs more money. Tax-payers’ money, of course, what else. More money to create more mediocrities.

Meanwhile, NEA is busy creating a different kind of elite: An elite of educational lobbyists. The largest union in the United States focuses the bulk of its energy not on improving education – that would bring upon us the danger of creating an elite – but on lobbying Congress and the Senate. Go to the NEA Legislative Action Center web-page and judge for yourself. Scroll the page to the bottom. Try to count all the bills that NEA supports or opposes. I gave up at about 100. Then I picked a few that NEA supports. They all had to do with more money taken from the tax-payers and given to government schools or to government school teachers. I also read some of those that NEA opposes. They all had to do with educational freedom for private schools or homeschoolers, or with the freedom of the states to decide on educational issues independently of the Federal government. One wonders, with all the energy thrown to lobby pro or con legislation, when does NEA find the time to actually do something about education in schools.

It doesn’t. When your goal is creating mediocrities, the less you do for education, the better. And NEA has been very good at that. It has created a nation of mediocrities, and it has filled its own ranks with mediocrities. And that mass of mediocrities is ruled by a small elite of lobbyists, skillful at using the Federal government to squeeze more money out of tax-payers.

That’s NEA.

And it must go. It is dangerous for our nation. We can’t afford another generation of mediocrities taught by mediocrities. The Department of Education, which is nothing else but the official government arm of NEA, must be eliminated. Your representative must know that you want him to vote against anything that NEA supports, and for anything that NEA opposes. And against anything that puts more money in the government schools or in the hands of government teachers. NEA and the government schools are just another form of Planned Parenthood – committed to the intellectual slaughter of the American children. And it must go – be defunded, outlawed, and sent to the dustbin of history. We don’t need their “education” and their thought control.

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