The Real Reason Susan G Komen Organization Stopped Donations to Planned Parenthood

The Susan G Komen for the Cure organization is one of the nation’s largest, if not the largest breast cancer charity.  They raise millions of dollars annually for the fight against breast cancer and for research to find effective treatments and cures.

Pro-life groups around the nation are celebrating the news that the Komen organization announced that they were stopping all donations to Planned Parenthood.  According to records, that amounted to $580,000 in 2010 and $680,000 in 2011.  Planned Parenthood says that all of the Komen donation money is used for breast cancer health issues including cancer screening but pro-life organizations claim that these funds free up other funds that could be used for abortions and other morally questionable activities.

But before pro-lifers celebrate too much, they need to understand the real reason Komen halted the funds to Planned Parenthood.  Komen has recently adopted a policy that forbids them from donating any monies to organizations under investigation by any local, state or federal agency.

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At the moment, Planned Parenthood is the subject of an investigation that was launched by Rep Cliff Stearns from Florida.  Two pro-life organizations, Life Dynamics and Live Action conducted undercover investigations into Planned Parenthood and found evidence of the organization providing abortions to minors, instructing them on how to disregard the laws that dictate parental notification and reporting of the male that got them pregnant so that they would not be charged with statutory rape.

Life Dynamics founder Mark Crutcher still believes the news from Komen is good news saying,

“It is fantastic news.  You know, we’ve been putting pressure on Komen for years over this issue because there’s a lot of good people who have supported this organization in the past who had no idea that they gave money to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest profiteer on abortion.”

“Absolutely — [and] the federal government ought to take notice of it.  Planned Parenthood … is a corrupt organization. Not just corrupt morally, but a legally corrupt organization. Why should they be getting over a million dollars a day in taxpayer money?”

One official from Planned Parenthood said that the Susan G Komen organization has succumbed to bullying tactics being used pro-life groups.

While I’m happy to see Planned Parenthood lose over half a million dollars in donations, I’m hesitant to celebrated too soon and will reserve the right to do so after the investigation is over and the funds are halted permanently.

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