The Reverend Franklin Graham Explains Why He Quit the GOP


The Reverend Franklin Graham has heard a lot of folks chattering about his recent decision to ditch the GOP in the wake of their decision to pass the disastrous Omnibus spending bill. He decided that he needed to clear the air and explained to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News that the Omnibus Bill was not his reason for leaving the party; it was just the final straw in a long train of abuses.

“You know, Greta, there is a lot of good people I think, probably in both parties, and we see some good candidates in the Republican party running for president. But Greta, I am so disappointed in just the leadership of both parties. Our nation is in trouble, it’s a mess.

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Starting January 5th, I’m going to all the capitols, the state capitols, holding prayer meetings on the steps of the capitol and we start Des Moines, Iowa. I just felt it was best for me not to be aligned to either party but to be an independent. If I’m going to stand there and ask for people to pray for this country, I don’t want people to think he is just doing this for the Republicans. No, I’m not doing this for the Republican Party. I’m doing this really for our country, to get people to begin to pray for our nation.”

When Greta asked if he was leaving because of the Omnibus funding of Planned Parenthood, Graham responded;

“No question. It’s not just that. It’s the way the bill was passed. It came down so quickly, and didn’t seem like anybody tried to fight it. It was just, ‘Let’s get home for Christmas. This is just not the way we should be running our government. We shouldn’t be waiting for the last minute to do bills like this.

I don’t have an agenda to lead an exodus out of the Republican Party. That’s not my goal. I’m not here to hurt the Republican party, the Democrats. I want to stand on capitol steps and I want to lead this nation state by state, praying for our politicians, but praying for our country that God would give us politicians who will stand for Biblical values and vote for Biblical values.”

Reverend Graham and Greta then went on to discuss Graham’s organization Samartian’s Purse and their effort to provide love, comfort and help for poor children all over the world, particularly through Operation Christmas Child.

On Facebook, Reverend Graham issued a challenge to every Christian in America. He asked that believers across the nation get involved, get engaged and do everything they can to change our nation and the world.

Some fear I might be leading an exodus out of the Republican Party. That’s not my goal at all. I’m not here to hurt the Republican Party or the Democratic Party–I want to help our nation. I want to stand on capitol steps and lead this nation state by state in praying for America. We’ll be praying for our leaders and praying that God would give us politicians who will stand for Biblical values. I want to challenge Christians to get involved in the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and all others to make a difference; to get engaged at every level and to vote. The Bible calls us to be salt and light in this world–it’s time we got off the sidelines and got involved in actively working and praying to stop the moral decline of this great nation. I sure hope you will be there to stand with me in your state!

January 5 Des Moines, IA
January 12 Tallahassee, FL
January 13 Baton Rouge, LA

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