The Sandy Hook Lie Used to Promote Gun Control

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December was tragic, horrific and unthinkable.  There was no logical reason for it to have happened and the loss of so many young lives shook the very foundations of the American people.  But what has happened since Sandy Hook has been almost as tragic and foundationally destructive.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden has led a campaign of lies regarding Sandy Hook to force their socialistic gun policies onto the American people.  Less than a day after the shootings took place, Obama and others were calling for a comprehensive ban on assault-style weapons to prevent another Sandy Hook from taking place.  Everyone pointed to the assault-style weapons as being the instruments of death and Sandy Hook was a prime example.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

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Adam Lanza NEVER used his assault-style weapon in the shootings.  He methodically shot the teachers and kids with handguns.  When police finally went into the school and found Lanza’s body, there was no assault-style weapon with him.  It wasn’t until they inspected the trunk of his car that they found the AR-15 that he had stolen from his mother, whom he had killed before going to the school.

The AR-15 was never used by Lanza in the shootings, yet everyone talks as if it was the only weapon used.  An example of the misguided liberals’ mindset could be seen when Virginia lawmaker Thomas Morrissey held up an AK-47 on the floor of the Virginia legislature and shook it in the air with his thumb on the trigger.

Let’s take a second to look at the facts and then determine the real motive behind all of the knee-jerk legislation coming down.

According to the FBI’s own figures, there were 12,664 reported homicides in 2011.  Of those, 8,583 were committed with a firearm.  Of those, only 323 were committed with a rifle.  Now realize that assault-style rifles are a subset of the 323, which means that they account for less than 3.8% of homicides committed by firearms and less than 2.6% of all homicides.  And in the case of Sandy Hook, there was no assault-style rifle used at all.

So why are the progressives going after assault-style weapons when they had no involvement with the shootings?  Have you ever heard any of them admit the truth?

I believe that Obama and his commie cronies saw it as a great opportunity to brainwash an already gullible population into believing something that didn’t happen in order to allow them to start their methodical push to disarm the American people.  It is easier for them to start with assault-style weapons than it would have been for them to go after handguns.  Two US Supreme Court rulings in the past couple of years indicated that trying to ban all handguns would never be allowed at this time.  But if they could vilify something like assault-style weapon, then they could get them and other guns similar to them banned.  Once the first domino has been knocked over, the rest will fall in time and eventually there will be no more guns in the hands of the American people.

Consequently, the American people are being lied to and are swallowing the lies like a fish on a hook, and getting reeled in to the socialist propaganda of Obama, like they have so many times before.

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