The Stalinist Instincts of Michael Moore

According to an apocryphal joke popular in the Soviet Union in the 70s and the 80s, at one of the first Party Congresses presided by Joseph Stalin in the 1920s some of the delegates arrived carrying a huge poster, “Our cadre are the decisive factor.” Stalin pointed it to Lavrentiy Beria and said, “Take this in account, Comrade Beria.” Beria did, and in the next decade all the revolutionary cadre of the Communist Party were destroyed in staged trials, murders, and long sentences in the concentration camps. The policy came to be known by the saying ascribed to Stalin by Rybakov, “Yest’ chelovek, yest’ problema; nyet cheloveka, nyet problemy” (“There’s a man, there’s a problem; there isn’t a man, there isn’t a problem”). Or, according to another phrase ascribed to Stalin, “Death solves all problems.”

At the end, the only decisive factor was Stalin himself.

Michael Moore, apparently, has instincts that are not very different from those of Joseph Stalin. He has a solution to the problem with the credit downgrade of the US government by the S & P: “Obama, show some guts, arrest S&P head.” It’s simple: “There’s S&P, there’s a problem; there isn’t S&P, there isn’t a problem.” America’s downgrade is an issue of who the decisive factor is. If the decisive factor is the S&P head, arrest him, and Obama will be the decisive factor. What other solution can there be?

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Of course, Moore doesn’t say much more but we can imagine what follows next: A simple arrest won’t suffice. A public trial, forced confession, and then the S&P head against the wall, and . . . boom! For the edification of the others, as Lenin liked to say. Until the final victory of communism.

I’m glad that years ago Moore didn’t advise Bush to “show some guts” and arrest a fat rich lying pig who made false documentaries about America, capitalism, and the health care system of Cuba. We wouldn’t have the cheap entertainment Moore is offering us today.

In any case, Moore is only honest to show what future expects America if we allow liberals and “progressives” to control our political system and our courts; under the Democrat Party we can expect nothing less than repressions, persecutions, arrests, staged trials against everyone who disagrees with the government in Washington DC. Left alone, the Leftists soon show their true Stalinist face.

Which is another reason the Democrat Party should be removed from our political life. The earlier, the better.

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