The State Is Literally Targeting America

In the news lately there have been mass shootings and there have been police shootings of the innocent and the guilty, but all without due process. Recent news about targets sold to state and local law enforcement provide a learning opportunity for us all.

Back when the homicidal shooter wounded Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords, the media considered it fair game to blame Sarah Palin for the “target map” on her website even though everyone knew she was simply pointing to important races she wanted Republicans to win.

obama targetA little later, Slate ran a piece pointing out that the First Amendment allowed people, who didn’t intend harm but were only making a political statement, to shoot an “Obama target.” That may be true, but I promise you that if word gets out, the Secret Service will want to interview the people involved. They have to do so.

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But no one calls the Secret Service to investigate cops shooting at practice targets of gun-owning civilians in their own homes. Here is one, complete with a baby nursery in the background. This is really important because cops face deadly, gun-wielding pregnant women in baby nurseries all the time. They obviously need to practice with this target and others that are part of this “No More Hesitation” line.

preg woman target

The next target poster is one of a kid. You can tell by how he is carefully aiming that pistol that it must not be a toy and the DHS officer in full body armor must not hesitate a second in blowing a hole through this child’s torso.

little boy

The third target might be my favorite. Is the purpose to aim at the young mother and miss her toddler? Or do you get extra points for executing both mother and child during their outing in the park?

little girl babysitting

There are more targets, including a lady in her bathrobe and an old man defending his library with a shotgun—I assume he has unauthorized literature that resulted in a home invasion.

Sarcasm aside, this is no joke. These are real targets being sold by Law Enforcement Training, Inc., to real law enforcement agencies at the Federal and state levels. A spokesperson for the company said that the pregnant lady poster had been produced at the request of law enforcement. Since we know there is no need for these targets yet, the only possible conclusion is that the powers that be are planning for such situations in the future. Couple this story with the billions of bullets purchased by DHS, and we know what is being planned.

Unlike Palin’s voting map, these are real shooting targets intended to train real shooters to not hesitate to kill people. Yet the mainstream media has not yet touched the story. It should be national news.

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