The Targeting of our American Fabric

By Jim Bowman

First and foremost, our Judeo-Christian fabric and foundation is most worthy of preserving and defending.  Of equal value is the loving care and devotion afforded to our children by parents of each succeeding generation.  Their needful American upbringing along with instilling a pride and deep seated appreciation for their birthplace and birth right ensures the brightest of American futures from a most productive and orderly citizenry.

Both subjects, faith and parental devotion have undergone a tremendous transition in modern day America.  First commencing with the judicial ruling against “prayer in school,” which based its legitimacy upon a Thomas Jefferson personal piece of correspondence.  This formed a legal basis leading to the removal of a State Supreme Court Chief Justice when refusing to obey a ‘federal order’ to remove a 5200 pound granite Ten Commandments monument from Alabama’s Supreme Court Building.

Can we imagine a Constitutionally based federal authority issuing such an outlandish order “back in the day?”  Where was our public outcry?  If our original guidelines for a proper education were still intact, then Bible study would continue as an elementary lesson plan and thus, such overstepping would never be permitted.

This comparative glance back over half a century to that initial intrusion against our Judeo-Christian beliefs has, through our secularized educational version, become viewed as a positive twenty-first century alignment to the needs of a modern society.  At the same time, few revisionists of today will credit our Founders with their enlightened approach and brevity of thought, much less acknowledging their overwhelming religious reverence.

While the left denies any actual attempt or campaign against Christianity, a composite of left leaning attacks say otherwise.  Need we recount the recent clamoring of “season’s greetings” or “happy holidays?”  Or how about their goofy sense of injury from our currency’s motto, “In God We Trust?”

Continuing along these lines came a September 16th, 2017 article entitled “White Christians are no longer U.S. majority,” in which the major theme was anti Christian.  A brief sampling: a Lutheran pastor in Wichita, Kansas: “The church is not the center of family life like it used to be.”  Another minister from Wichita flatly stated, “People just aren’t going to church.”

This Christian assault bears directly on family quality; particularly, a parent’s role for providing their children with their wholesome upbringing.  When faith is questioned, the future of America will be affected through each generation, as was the case when reading later in this Daytona Beach piece; “The religious groups in America with the largest segment of followers under 30 are all non-Christian…Muslim, Hindus and Buddhists are all far younger than white Christian groups.”

Do we see a pattern developing here?  This trending from what was not only America’s religious foundation but also inherent to maintaining such cultural assets as politeness, cordiality, respect and common courtesy, has not been brought about by normal passage but rather from incentives, influences and yes, instruction/indoctrination.

Dovetailing with this stampede into a faithless abyss are the rambunctious actions from a cabal of disrespectful ‘new democrats.”   Their call for this un-American ‘green new deal’ is nothing more than a disguised ‘climate change’ fog horn for socialism/communism.  And amazingly, it just so happens that to the average commie, religion is the “opiate of the masses!”  Thus, the need for its elimination.

In response to all this, it may behoove us to finally face the fact that the communist doctrine is causing all this societal restructuring and religious de-emphasizing.  With its loudest cry now located within our congressional hallways, we need to re-focus our efforts upon that old nemesis, the “red menace!”  And especially now since this dogma has ingratiated itself into all levels of academia!

Finally, how long will good, hard working and patriotic Americans remains silent as their children are educated into obedient little socialists?  Also in need of correction, our Creator is not our “opiate” but rather our life and our well being.   If not our Country, our faith, our freedoms and our families, what then is it all about?  Hopefully, it’s not just a political party or worse, the loudest mouth!

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